Well, There is a First Time for Everything

In preparation for blogging more actively again here, I have been doing some security cleanup.  As part of that, I finally decided to delete my first comments ever.  I pride myself on leaving anything in the comments, on the theory that idiots just hurt their own cause by being idiots.  However, I deleted all the comments from the visitor who was using my name.   He/she is by no means the most obnoxious commenter out there, but the tone adopted does not at all match my tone in discussions.  If you see someone trying to spoof me again that I am missing, drop me an email at the link above.  I think I fixed email as well, which has not been working as well as it should.

One thought on “Well, There is a First Time for Everything”

  1. So is this like a public service announcement?
    I was under the impression you stayed clear of the comment section because you were too busy to do weeding. I like that policy. You grow interesting weeds.

    But if one is clogging the works, you don’t need to inform us morons. Just yank em out.

    One time I had a comment pulled by a guy who sent me an email after with a short explanation why. I would have never noticed except for the email.
    Considerate of him though.

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