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First, I have not changed my comment policy – no moderation except for spam.   But I have decided to force some kind of log-in on comments.  I am going to try Disqus, and am specifically doing so during a quiet period in my blogging to have time to test it.  Note that for a day or so, comments may disappear.  I have them all archived, but it takes a while, apparently, to sync past comments with Disqus.  We shall see how things go.

11 thoughts on “Disqus Comments

  1. gofer1

    Disqus is great, I do a lot more commenting on different sites because of the ease of use and Disqus follows me.

  2. Michael Lewis

    Just don’t use Disqus to censor comments, the way Common Dreams does. When a person is blocked from commenting, all of that person’s posts are deleted, whether they were objectionable or not.

  3. Tom Fuller

    I’m pleased to see you re-enter the fray. I’ve been shamelessly pirating your explanation of the two complementary (if not mutually supportive) climate change theories and am just hoping I’ve given you credit enough.

  4. pencil007

    Allas there is no such thing as complete free speach, for saying something will always get you blocked by someone somewhere.

  5. RichHappyLib

    As a flat earth skeptic I am outraged by your so-called photo of a “round” earth. I collect my data when I look out the window and the earth still looks flat to me. Silly scientists have brainwashed you.

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