Climate Tourism

While driving between some of the campgrounds we run in Inyo and Mono County, California, I stumbled across the White Mountain bristle-cone pine forest.  I just couldn’t resist checking it out.  Of course, it through me off my schedule for an hour or so, but its not the first time that bristle-cones have been a source of divergence ;=)

PS-  I had a crappy rent car, but if you have a sports car and are near Highway 168 east of Big Pine, CA, you should definitely give it a test drive.  It would be a real hoot to drive with the right car.

3 thoughts on “Climate Tourism”

  1. That part of California is my favorite part of the planet.

    I have spent many many hours driving my 46 Chevy Fleetmaster, my Corvair Spyder, (those solo or with girl friends–one of which became my wife near 40 years ago). Later with a pickup-truck-camper of one sort or another with wife and 1, 2, or 3 kids–once with four of us and sister-in-law and her two kids.

    Only the twisted have a schedule to meet in that country, only the severly twisted would not alter the schedule as needed.

    “Dad, where are we going today?” “I don’t know, which way is the truck pointed?”

    And don’t ever say “I wonder where that road goes?” unless you want to find out.

  2. Shame on you encouraging people to emit more CO2 from a CAR!!

    You should be telling them to do it on 2 wheels like me!!

    (2001 Suzuki GSXR1000K1)

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