Antarctic Sea Ice

I have written a number of times that alarmists like Al Gore focus their cameras and attention on small portions of the Antarctic Peninsula where sea ice is has been shrinking  (actually, it turns out Al Gore did not focus actual cameras but used special effects footage from the disaster movie Day after Tomorrow).  I have argued that this is disingenuous, because the Antarctic Peninsula is not representative of climate trends in the rest of Antarctica, much less a good representative of climate trends across the whole globe.  This map reinforces my point, showing in red where sea ice has increased, and in blue where it has decreased  (this is a little counter-intuitive where we expect anomaly maps to show red as hotter and blue as colder).


3 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice”

  1. In fact, the Antarctic Peninsula is extremely representative of climate trends across the whole globe. The collapse of the Larsen B ice shelf was unprecedented in the Holocene epoch. And all across the globe, rising temperatures are causing unprecedented changes.

    It is well understood that Antarctica more generally will respond more slowly than the rest of the world to rising atmospheric CO2, being surrounded by thermally isolating oceanic and atmospheric currents. Why are you so desperate to ignore all the evidence of climate change from around the world, and instead bleat on about how an area accounting for 3 per cent of the earth’s surface has some parts which are warming and others that are cooling?

  2. Why dont climate protagonists fight with arguments? I cant find where all the scientists are who believe in anthropogenic global warming, almost all my colleagues are skeptics. A lot depends on how long a term view one takes in examining climate change. 30 years is statistically nothing – most warming and cooling events in the Holocene last 200 years or more and the latest has a long way to go to match medieval and earlier warming trends. Most of the last 60 million years thetre werent any ice caps at all. All educated people know it was warmer when Greenland was farmed and the northwest passage open to rowing/sailing boats at that time. Gee its hard to get excited now that there are two consecutive years of severe cooling with sea ice at record levels in both hemispheres. Maybe we wont need the uranium economy dictated by the IPCC – who are a political not scientific body

  3. west antarctic melt debunked!!!

    Prevoius changes in temperature almost 3 times the current.

    1) (supposed proof of global warming) Schneider and Steig estimate that West Antarctica warmed about 1.6 degrees F (0.9 degrees C) over the 20th century.

    2) (natural changes much more that our current catastrophy) For example, during a major El Nino event from 1939 to 1942, temperatures in West Antarctica rose by about 6 to 10 degrees F (3-6 degrees C), and then dropped by an estimated 9 to 13 degrees F (5-7 degrees C) over the next two years.

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