Still Toying With Security

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  • I will see if I am banned or get an unexpected error with this post.

  • MawrPidyn

    I’ve you haven’t banned me, you should.

  • NetDr

    Off topic but I wonder how the alarmists explain the existence of polar bears after they should have gone extinct several times during their 300000year existence ?

    Did they tread water for 100 years ?

    No alarmist has even tried to explain it !

  • NetDr

    Another way to annoy your alarmist friends is to ask them why the coral weren’t wiped out when the ocean had much much more CO2 than today !

  • RichHappyLib

    I am flat earth skeptic I am troubled by your choice of a “photo” of a “round” earth.

  • Mark2

    testing 1 2 3

  • Mark2

    Seems like I can post without using Diqus technology. I still use my name and email. Is this correct? I don’t understand why the whole system was changed if the same authentication method as before is still applicable.