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  1. I listened and while there was no information it was a nice summary of what I already believed.

    Most climate alarmists I debate with seem to think CO2 is some kind of super-gas with huge warming power, when the opposite is true. The alarmists use fictitious positive feedback to amplify warming and create a crisis out of a minor blessing.

  2. The link just goes to the main radio page now. Do you have a link to a download or a webcast of your segment that can be listened to?

  3. I’m neither a scientist nor educator but wish to add a perspective. It’s been noted many times that the warming believers are so hostile and defensive. The reason for their aggressiveness and rage in defending warming is that the political machinery and media has so refined and perfected it’s product… that being the peoples collective mind.
    We as Americans were counseled by our friend Al Gore and then brainwashed by big media and other ‘authorities’ that we were being let in on a dark deception. Finally some good guys, doing the right thing on behalf of the public. We were empowered and ready to fight for our human rights and our planet, which is as much under duress of the corporatists and globalists as each one of us are in our everyday life. Then the public had the impression they were being bamboozled again by McIntyre’s theory.
    How many everyday people could ever imagine that the real goal in seeding the fear of global warming doom was to introduce the insane concept of a carbon tax? To save our planet we will tax all carbon, the very essence of our world!
    Well this same mechanism has always worked so well. As Hitler said, “for a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Recently the execution of the well planned 9/11 plot brought us into the windfall of a multi-trillion dollar war, then the FED & Obama’s urgent 24 economic meltdown emergency gained them the largest transfer of wealth in all of history. If we as a society have fallen for these epic conspiracies then we will also be foolish enough to enslave ourselves for a carbon tax. All for the benefit of the banksters, corporatists and elite globalists. There is NO LIMIT to their demented greed… nor the unlimited stupidity of the masses.
    Your work is profoundly, vitally important as they are alway a step ahead and the of the citizenry is endlessly gullible.

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