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  1. Yes, because as we all know, Houston in December = world, and extrapolating from one to the other is not in any way the mark of a complete fuckwit.

  2. “Yes, because as we all know, Houston in December = world, and extrapolating from one to the other is not in any way the mark of a complete fuckwit.”

    Reading into that a bit much, fuckwit?
    Still waiting for your evidence, oh enlightened one.

  3. Adam, it’s best not to respond to trolls like Hunter. I know I’ll neither respond to his posts nor read them in the future. I enjoy intelligent and articulate debate.

  4. “Adam, it’s best not to respond to trolls like Hunter. I know I’ll neither respond to his posts nor read them in the future. I enjoy intelligent and articulate debate.”

    Mm. I really should stop. He’s never shown the slightest inclination to actually respond or provide input. As I’ve said before of him, he does an excellent job of bringing Freud’s views back into the forefront of behavioral analysis.

  5. Yeah, I usually wouln’t associate Houston with that kind of weather in early December. Seattle is having one of its colder early winters; not terribly cold but pretty cold for Seattle; we are expecting highs only in the 30’s for the next 5 days. That’s hard core winter for Seattle. Often we spend winter in the 42-52 degree range. I remember in the 90’s one year where we didn’t have a hard freeze till January. Last year we had a real anomaly: records snows in December. And then record heat in July while the East Coast was so cool.

    [Just curious: Does any one here know if there has ever been a psychological assessment of the people that we identify as website trolls? It seems a phenomenon, unique to the web. I often wonder why someone would hang out on a site they don’t agree with or like and especially for so long. Where do they get the time? I always wonder what they are like in their private lives. Are they loners who love to vent their anger on others anonymously while in real life they are timid mousey types people, you know, powerless people who love to feel at less some power (feeding the troll aludes to this)– you know, the typical bully? Wouldn’t that be an interesting science project! ]

  6. Living here in Houston, watching the snowy rain give us a nice soaking, what this shows is that weather is highly variable.
    Only trolls think that a few years of barely discernible warmer temps are proof of some grand apocalypse.
    This is the earliest snow event here in many years, but is completely benign. It is not sticking, except in the outer parts of the metro area. Tonight we will get a good hard frost. Maybe even kill off a few mosquitos.

  7. A bit of humor’s not a bad thing. Taking it seriously might be!

    Humor aside, of course one cold front’s not enough to call into question theories dealing with decades long trends. That said, a decade long absence of warming certainly IS enough to call such into question, and raise issues that must be answered for those theories to retain ANY credibility. Given the temperature trends for the past decade, that’s exactly where AGW finds itself, simply on the basis of divergence between observed and predicted behavior…to say nothing of causality or mechanisms….

    “Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…”

    Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas , one and all!

  8. My brother in Leadville Colorado is having an exceptionally cold fall/early winter. They were about 14F a couple nights ago and aren’t getting above freezing much now!!!! We’ll wait and see how the rest of the winter goes.

  9. Troll has got a point don’t use individual examples for climate change that is called “weather” we actulaly dont know anything about climate that is why climate science = BS. If you lived 10,000 years you might experience “climate change” LOL

  10. Re climate/weather.

    As Professor John Bignall (numberwatch.co.uk) is fond of saying “if you can remember it, it’s weather”.

  11. It is ‘weather’ when it runs contrary to ‘man-made’ global warming predictions. Here in Southern Ontario, global-warming predictions the last three winters had it that we were to be warmer and drier. The past three winters, we’ve dug out of massive snowstorms and had flooding in mid-winter (last year they actually said ‘less precipitation but wetter.’ Sayyy What!?!).

    If it fits what they claimed, it is ‘climate.’

  12. I’m not sure there’s now any difference between weather and climate!

    To drive a coach and (flatulent) horses through 50 years of CO2 data gathered at the Mauna Loa Observatory have a look at this from posted on Bishop Hill’s blog:


    Given that the base data is suspect to start with, never mind the corruptions caused by the actions of the Climategate folks, surely at the very least it’s time to stop the bandwagon for long enough to have a good hard look at what’s really happening?

  13. ‘Climate’ manifests itself as ‘weather’.
    Just as a forest manifests itself as ‘trees’.
    There is no such thing as a forest without trees. When you are in a forest, you are in trees.
    We live in a climate that we experience as weather.
    If we run across an interesting tree, or grove of trees, there is nothing wrong with commenting on that experience.
    Forests are not static, but dynamic over time.
    Climate is not static, but dynamic over time.
    AGW promoters, when they realized that global warming was a failed prediction, deliberately re-branded AGW is ‘climate change’ so as to be able to claim (falsely) that any weather experience was proof of CO2 causing terrible things to happen to the climate.
    The UK Met office knows that climate gate is a disaster. That is why they are reviewing 160 years of data.

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