Branding Cap and Trade

The Obama administration really likes to create little brands, from the Obama “O” to the absurd symbol to be affixed to every stimulus-funded project.  In this vein, a reader wrote me that the slam-dunk obvious graphic for cap-and-trade has already been created over 30 years ago:


  • Andrew Yoder

    Haha Sweet! The cover of Animals by Pink Floyd!

  • FrankC

    Was Battersea power station ever as smoky as in that picture. It was one of the most efficient of its time.

  • ted rado

    Even if one accepts the AGW argument completely (which I do not), how can we mandate a reduction in CO2 emmissions without having a viable means to do so? Cap and trade proponents agree that there is now no feasible way to stop CO2 emissions, but hope that the pressure will result in someone inventing something. What nonsense. The CCS people have nothing to offer but hugely expensive and potentially dangerous systems. The same people who are in favor of CO2 reduction are also against nuclear energy. If you are against CO2, give us a viable alternative!