10 thoughts on “Sign This Guy Up for the IPCC!”

  1. Perhaps someone at the IPCC or Greenpeace or Real Climate should give Chris Hill a job. Then again maybe they already have.

  2. What’s worse, we have Daylight Savings Time in the summer, when that extra hour only makes things hotter, instead of in the winter, when we really need extra sunshine.

    Typical government program.

  3. The post shown may be a hoax, but I have actually heard someone say something similar to what was posted by FailBlog.

    This was about a year ago. I was getting a ride from work back to the Toyota dealership, and the driver (19 years old) told me in all seriousness that he thought that temperatures had been hotter because daylight savings time was making the days longer than they normally would be. What can you say to that? Logic, reasoning and facts can’t penetrate whatever is wrapped around his skull! And he’s old enough to vote. Yikes!

  4. I think this is intentional parody, and it is very good. Yes, there are idiots out there who would think this, but they would not get their act together sufficiently to write a letter to the editor.

  5. Sorry to give this definitive answer (people just luv to speculate!) but this was a prank letter. A friend of mine knows Chris Hill. To go from Albury, a country town in little ol Australia, all around the world is one helluva gotcha!!

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny, if the time of observation adjustment didn’t consider daylight savings and he was right.

  7. I’m trying to get my local Arizona USA politicians NOT to sign up with the IPCC or get swept into the AGW belief. Here’s my story of how the opposite may happen: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/11/post_135.html

    It’s a simple story – AGW debate is supposed to be over. But the debate never happened. To make sure it DOESN’T happen, it appears an attempt was made to get a highly funded pro-Al Gore candidate (with ties to George Soros??) into our Arizona Corporation Commission, an agency with elected members who regulate our local electric utility companies – and who will decide if the Western Climate Initiative cap-and-trade plan is credible………. or pointless.

    Since the pro-Al Gore candidate lost his election (the margin is now over 3,000 votes), Arizona’s GOP legislature leaders and GOP majority in the Corporation Commission can simply ask the WCI planners, Al Gore and the IPCC, “You say humans are causing global warming. Can you prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt?”

    This is an entertaining idea, that there never has been a debate at a significant governmental level on whether AGW is sound or seriously flawed. In the case of the eastern/mid-atlantic states, they accepted the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative’s plan with no question of the underlying science whatsoever. If Arizona rejects the Western Climate Initiative’s plan, the next ‘dominoes’ to fall would be Alaska, Idaho and Utah, rejecting the same plan. Wouldn’t that undermine the RGGI to the point of collapse? And if it collapses, how angry would the people living in the eastern/mid-atlantic states be about their own utility regulators’ ability do things right, and their Governors’ failure to understand all sides of the issue?

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