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Since it has come up a couple of times in the last few days, here is a reminder of the comment policy on this blog:

1)  I do not edit, moderate or delete comments, except for outright spam.  The reasons for this are many.  First, I don’t have time.  Second, I don’t have the inclination.  Third, I take zero responsibility from an editorial standpoint on what is in the comments.  The comments are an open public forum I offer as a public service.  Even light moderation or isolated bans would break this bright-line rule and might lead some to some confusion as to whether I implicitly support some particular comment because I didn’t delete it.  So I don’t touch anything.

2)  I encourage everyone who agrees with me to remain civil, rational, open-minded, and professional in the comments.  Everyone else is encouraged to discredit his or her own opinions by making as much of an ass of him or herself as they choose. Some of my commenters seem particularly adept at the latter.

3) Commenter names are entirely arbitrary.  It is amazing that I have to remind folks of this nowadays, but if you see a commenter named "Al Gore,"  you should be entirely suspicious as to the person’s true identity (though of course Al would be welcome to hang out here).  Its not like I check everyone’s ID. 

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  1. Regarding #3 – if you’ve been reading the discussions in any detail you’d realize that some folks have been impersonating other people and not using a consistent user id. This has basically ruined several threads because of the confusion it causes. Is that actually joshv? Or is it Scientist posting as joshv?

    I don’t believe anybody has been naive enough to think that somebody posting as ‘Al Gore’ is actually Al.

    I would suggest Warren, that if you value these forums at all, you restrict posting to registered accounts.

  2. I fully understand the lack of desire to moderate comments. However, a certain someone frequently uses inappropriate language and often makes personal insults.

    Perhaps registration could be added, so that only one person may use a name and that only one name is allowed per verified email address?

  3. Warren,
    Your blog — so you set the rules or lack thereof. I do follow your reasoning; however, unfortunately this blog is plagued by posts that demonstrate immaturity, insincerity, and lack of respect on the part of the poster. I certainly will not let my children visit this blog to gain any insights and knowledge that might be available here. Moreover, I myself tend to skip various posters because of the offensive language. This blog offers a valuable perspective and the discussion could be of value. But that opportunity is being squandered.

  4. “I think Warren should leave things exactly the way they are, impersonators and all.”

    I think you’re the guy everybody is complaining about.

  5. No wait, I’ve reconsidered, and I think Warren should require registration. I’m also voting for McCain, and I have a crush on Palin.

  6. Obviously if there is no detectable greenhouse gas signature, then global warming cannot be caused by greenhouse gases. I don’t know why I didn’t see this before.

  7. It was warmer in the Medieval Climate Optimum than it’s been this century or last. In fact, it’s unlikely to get warmer this century than during the MWP.

    I’ve been so wrong about everything. I apologize to everyone for insulting when I should have been discussing and for mindlessly repeating AGW talking points when I should have been learning.

  8. Isn’t it a shame that infantile tossers like me are unable to converse maturely and have to resort to childish impersonations. Isn’t it a shame that the apathetic ‘comment policy’ allows and encourage such a primary-school atmosphere.

  9. I rather like the challenge of trying to tell the imposters from the “real” posters. Maybe someone will now pretend to be me. I think I’ll be able to tell it’s not really me, but who knows.

    Certainly such childish people have the attention span of children and will quickly tire of the charade and go play with their little toys.

  10. I encourage everyone who agrees with me to remain civil, rational, open-minded, and professional in the comments – do you think that people who post here can be conveniently divided into either “agree with you” or “don’t agree with you”? Do you imagine that you have a bunch of acolytes who sycophantically lap up every word you say and accept it all as unimpeachable truth?

  11. It’s childish and obfuscating. It confuses the mind. Perhaps that’s the rationale behind some posters here.

  12. Stevo,

    “acolytes”……”sycophantically”? Do you really talk like this?

    Im sure were all impressed, feel good about yourself now?

    What a pompous dork you are.

  13. “Isn’t it a shame that the apathetic ‘comment policy’ allows and encourage such a primary-school atmosphere”

    Let’s be clear, it the behavior of a few individuals that’s the problem. Many sites moderate comments before posting and don’t allow personal attacks or obscenities.

    Check out the Policy page at Watt’s Up with That: This requires a moderator of course, and I understand how time constraints may not allow that for this blog.

  14. Warren,
    A little OT, but your site and its links to sources is a great help to me to show my friends and and associates that I’m not some kook in my skepticism of the ‘accepted’ theories of global warming.

  15. Actually, ElamBend, it doesn’t show that you are not a kook. It only shows that you are not the only kook.

  16. I have set up my own blog for debating global warming. The address is Feel free to debate me there. Even “scientist” is welcome if he follows the rules.

  17. Instead of having users register (they can always register under various aliases), you could do what they do at include an alphanumeric string that is the result of a hash of the person’s IP address. Sockpuppets always have the same hash, so you can detect them quite easily.

    However, I don’t know what software or plug-in does that for Ace, but hey, it’s worth a look.

  18. Your comment policy are silly.All you are doing is to invite an increase in the abuses in the comment section.I have seen forums DIE from such moderating neglect.

    Since you have no desire to clean up the messes that some pathetic posers (yes posers)leave behind.The threads are a mess.With multiple names being used by certain people.Cluttering up the discussions.With ugly name calling and mind games that goes on.

    That I will no longer bother to read them or comment again.If fact I plan to delete the link to your blog.Since you are being unprofessional about it all.Meaning that no more will I post some of your blog entries at my forum.No more will I read anymore of your blog entries.No more having to put up with the crap that goes on here.

    Good bye.

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