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A new menace to the planet has been discovered and validated by a consensus of politically reliable scientists: Anthropogenic Continental Drift (ACD) will result in catastrophic damage and untold suffering, unless immediate indemnity payments from the United Sates, Europe, and Australia be made to the governments of non-industrial nations, to counteract this man-made threat to the world’s habitats….

The continents rest on massive tectonic plates. Until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 18th century, these plates were fixed in place and immobile. However, drilling for oil and mining for minerals has cut these plates loose from their primordial moorings and left them to drift aimlessly.

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  1. Speaking of propaganda: government funded “University of Agricultural Sciences” of Sweden ( just launched a nation-wide advertising campaign with the sole purpose of mocking man-made climate change sceptics. It’s called “Friends of Carbon dioxide” and is using irony and sarcasm to convince people what idiots those “climate sceptics” are. The interesting part is that this kind of propaganda a) is funded by tax payers, b) is sure to work in a place like Sweden. As it is a semi-socialist country, people are used to buying into whatever state-connected institutions claim to be true. You don’t have to speak swedish in order to understand just how silly this is:

  2. Hippies bribing climatologists? Don’t think even frugal scientists can live on hippy bribes. However, there is lots more money in the boardrooms running polluting industries to fund climate skeptic webpages.

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