3 thoughts on “Penn on Warming”

  1. I have posted a short transcript on my “Penn Gillette: Al Gore, the Weather Opportunist” blog

    “I want to see an article by Al Gore that says ‘if we have 8 hurricanes next year…or we have zero hurricanes or we have something that means that I was wrong about global warming’. Because if you don’t have something that can disprove what you believe than you are believing in anything…”

  2. There is actually another “Penn Says” video on Climate Change. It may demonstrate the Man is really worried about all this catastrophist nonsense.


    My short transcript for that is at “Penn Gillette: Bill Gates Cares About Children, Not Global Warming”

    “Bill Gates still thinks that the most important thing to worry about
    in the world is children starving, AIDS spreading, dissenteria,
    suffering, of children in developing countries”

  3. Maurizio: You’re absolutely right about Al Gore and the eco-zealots not being able define what would disprove their hysterical rantings. The very idea that the hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming supposedly cannot be disproven by any kind of empirical observation or scientific practice confirms that it cannot be legitimately classed as a scientific theory, never mind a proven fact. Non-falsifiable ideologies are the domain of religion which is exactly what AGW is.

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