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  1. “On Dennis Miller’s radio show Thursday Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

    “… the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley hinted about his position on the issue in April 2010 at a tea party rally on the National Mall near the White House.
    But on Miller’s show, he said the birth certificate issue was far more important that combatting so-called anthropogenic global warming.

    “I mean, hey you got a president who has a false birth certificate on the Internet, on the White House website,” Monckton said. “It’s not even clear where he was born…

    “… Miller protested by saying he disagreed with the suggestion that Obama has a fraudulent birth certificate. But Monckton dug in his heels.

    “I don’t know whether he is Kenyan or not,” Monckton said.

    “The point is that if I were you, I would want to make absolutely sure that he was born here before allowing him to be elected. And the birth certificate that he put up on that website, I don’t know where he was born. But I do know that birth certificate isn’t genuine.”

    Monckton firmly asserted that the birth certificate on the White House website wasn’t real, and claimed it could be dismantled with software.

    “It appears in layers on the screen in such a way you can remove quite separately each of the individual dates,”

    Monckton said.

    “You use Adobe Illustrator and each of the individual dates is in its own separate layer. This thing has been fabricated. Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio of Arizona has had a team on this for six months. And he has now gone public and said there’s something very desperately wrong with this and of course nobody is saying anything because the entire electorate has been fooled.”

    “… I haven’t a clue where Obama was born and I wouldn’t want to entreat into the private grief behind investigating. But the point is, is what he has done on the White House website is he has put up a document which he is plainly a forgery and I would regard that as a very serious matter.”

  2. According to the sea-level graph, since the success of the American Revolution, approx. 1780, global sea levels have risen 0.35 m. Or about 1 foot. A hard answer. So, is there anywhere on the American coastline that we can point to that shows in the maps of the time, that this has occurred?

    I’m betting that the difference at any one point is not decisive, that a number such as this is a result of many, many measurements that shows ups and downs, and only a definite result when you add and divide. Which means it could be real or could be an artefact of systemic errors, including rounding, or smome “breathing” of the planet at a rate below which we have no measurement.

    Geologists using well-bore logs note cycles of rising and falling sea level on a small-scale as well as large. It has been my personal notice that the 1m thickness shows up surprisingly a lot. The cause of these intracratonic sedimentation cycles is not known, though every petroleum geologist earns his living by recording them, correlating by them.

    All measurements assume that the crustal or planetary measurements stay constant over human lifetimes. But is that true? We see wrinkles in Mercury, maybe the Moon, caused by shrinkage. What if the earth shrinks and expands all the time?

    Regardless of the apparent bizarreness of this idea, petroleum geologists cannot account for the multiple, sustained minor fluctuations of sea-level. The assumption has been that the sea rises and falls, even in times when there is no evidence of glaciation to provide large volumes of ice. Some have said the oceanic ridges rise and fall – perhaps, but a nice step around the idea that the crust moves up and down, as you cannot see the oceanic floor.

    Let us say that plate tectonics smacks the western plates into North America. Does this mean that there was a colliison without reverberations? No oscillations set up in the crust? No slow wave of a meter or two as the planet “rings like a bell”?

    What if the recent sea level rise is nothing more than a slow motion planet ringing?

    Talk about music of the spheres.

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