Scholarship at Mount Allison University

This came to me via email today from an email address at Mount Allison University:

Funny thing that you are going againts 99% of peer reviewed journal. It is why we do not give retards like you any place it the academic world.

I must confess to an error.  I am having a very stressful, busy time at work, and yes… though I usually ignore this stuff, I went and fed the troll.  I wrote back

Fortunately I slipped my way through Princeton and Harvard before the academic world realized I was a “retard.”  I suppose academia works differently in California — back in the day when I was back East, the correct academic response to something one did not agree with was to actually cite the offending passage as well as to muster proof of one’s position.  I suppose it does not surprise me that scholarship in California Canada is now defined as yelling “retard.”  Perhaps you could refer to a specific chart at this link so I get a better idea where my heresy is:

Warren Meyer

Update:  Sorry, of course the University is in Canada, not California.  I love the name – one wonders if it is named for a local landmark or an annual event.

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  1. Nice response. Though I would suggest that it is not the geographic location that causes certain alarmist believers to focus their limited academic ability right down to name calling and abuse. But rather their emotional development.

    We had a fridge magnet that said “Teenagers, leave home now! – Whilst you still know everything.”

    We sceptics suffer the same silliness from the emotional immaturity of the “True believer” (who finds themselves unable to debate and so resorts to child mode) that any parent does when their children strive for self assertion.

    Hell hath no fury like a believer challenged. At least with teenagers you know that given half a chance they will grow out of it.

  2. There are “idiots” at EVERY university (even Princeton and Harvard), so this message should not be considered a reflection of the entire university, province, coast, and country!!

  3. Have the CAGW true believers ever had anything other than a version of ‘retard’ as their primary argument?
    Since not one prediction of doom that the CAGW community has made has held up under scrutiny, the answer to the question would be ‘no’.

  4. “I love the name – one wonders if it is named for a local landmark or an annual event.”

    In the latter case, I wonder if they have an annual public festival of some kind to celebrate the event. That might be worth attending!

  5. I think the word retard applies very well to the hapless “climate skeptic”. He has never shown any evidence of learning, only being able to incessantly parrot the same nonsense over and over again. And he has never even once been able to respond to the many, many posts which point out the very basic flaws in his feeble-minded reasoning. You might as well be talking to a brick wall.

  6. “Funny thing that you are going againts [SIC] 99% of peer reviewed journal [SIC]. It [?] [SIC]is why we do not give retards like you any place it the academic world.”

    If these are the exact words of the e-mail the writer is probably a foreigner or someone that is illiterate.

  7. At least the retard who wrote in had the integrity to use their own name and to not waste a lot of time demonstrating just how stupid they are.
    If only the trolls on this board could show as much integrity and honesty…..but then they might not be trolls if they did that.

  8. “I love the name – one wonders if it is named for a local landmark or an annual event.”

    Warren, I’ve met you and respect you but I never expected to see you lower yourself by saying something so trite.

    I take umbrage to a pissy little comment about one student from a school that you mock, apparently because you’re so ignorant that you’ve never heard of it.

    Mt Allison is a small liberal arts school in Canada that has a superb academic reputation. It’s been ranked as the top liberal arts school in Canada for more than the last decade.

    So who the hell am I to make that statement?

    I’m the guy who rode a motorcycle from Irvine, CA to Phoenix to attend your presentation on global warming in November. Yup, I’m the 6’2″ ex-football player looking guy with a white beard who traveled over 1000 miles that day to listen to you speak.

    What you don’t know about me is that I’m a long time Mensan, an 82nd Airborne combat veteran, a 20 year software engineer, and small business owner (including a stint with Apple).

    And I’m a graduate of Mt A.

    When I was looking at colleges at the age of 14, I looked a Princeton but wasn’t interested. I got early acceptance at Mt. A and took a good offer there. My sister was finishing her MBA at Harvard in 1978 so I spent a week there and that was enough to convince me that I did not want to go there.

    I met some bright people at HBS but I’ve never met a group of people who are seem so genetically predisposed to achieve “success at all costs” that I was completely turned off. And that’s one of the things that I find that’s refreshing about you – you seem well grounded but perhaps that Ivy League elitism rubbed off on you.

    While I respect your opinions and your achievement, your comment about something of which you are ignorant lowers you to into the slimy level of the folks whom I met at HBS. Don’t go there – you’re better than that.

  9. Well, he obviously is a disgusting person, because he obviously doesn’t like disabled or handicapped people. But well, California is full of really vile and shallow people….

  10. Douglas – I am sure nobody took that comment seriously. Humor almost always make somebody looks ridiculous in an exagerated way. When a sentence is obviously humorous, than obvviously it is also a lie (i.e. at least a massive overstatement).

    Perhaps because I am not english-speaking I had to think about it for a while, but when I understood, I laughed. But of course I come from a country where we are still allowed not to be politically correct and we still make jokes in public about the other sex, races, nationalties or so. And we have one of the lowest amount of violence worldwide – police is reduced to speed tickets mostly, so speaking badly does not extend to acting badly.

    Whether this is the good location for such a simple (i.e. not of high intellectual value) joke remain the sole appreciation of the site’s owner.

    But I swear it did nothing to decrease my respect of this university.

  11. lacavin:
    “I am sure nobody took that comment seriously.”
    I wasn’t seeking input on what you or anyone else thinks about it.
    I find Warren’s comment tasteless and smug.

  12. hunter:
    Perhaps you can get a reversal on that humorectomy?
    Chill, dude.”
    Go mount yourself, hunter.
    Pretty darned funny, eh?

  13. Douglas, feel free to over-react.
    Sorry I angered you even more when just trying to put things in perspective as you began to retaliate by criticizing other universities…

  14. The best thing I can say about your response is that you used an ellipsis. I respect that.

    Unfortunately, it went downhill from there to the point where there’s nothing worth responding to.

    Heh, whaddya’ think about the Lakers, eh?

  15. Douglas,
    I guess that means you will not be getting that humorectomy reversed?
    Lakers were pretty amazing.

  16. Founded in 1839 by Charles Frederick Allison, Mount Allison has a rich history but has always kept an eye squarely on the future.

  17. Douglas, thanks for the education. I’m another Princeton/Harvard guy, and I hadn’t heard of Mt. Allison either. Good to know – I have family heading towards college soon.

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