Climate Issues in Der Spiegel

I am late on this but I only finally read the entire article on climate science issues in Der Spiegel.  The article is a good but not great update on various issues and controversies in climate science, but considering its source it represents a pretty amazing watershed.  While the questions are a bit soft, they are coming from a quarter where questioning of any sort on the topic of climate science was verboten.

2 thoughts on “Climate Issues in Der Spiegel”

  1. An interesting article, and I see what Warren means about the article being good but not great.

    The writer really takes Mann, Jones, and the IPCC to task for sloppy methodology and for politicising the science. The article also does a good job of addressing overblown fears of incresed storm activity and sea level rise, and even mentions that global warming will likely be a mixed bag, so while some people will be hurt, some will also benefit.

    However, the article severely downplays sceptics’ assertions that the surface tempature record is severely flawed, and it makes no mention at all of the issues of feedback and the fundamental difficulty of modeling complex systems. The cosequences of large tempature increases are discussed rationaly and without alarmism, but sceptics’ contention that the predictions for large tempature increases cannot be justified was not even hinted at much less discussed.

  2. We are the darndest smartest people alive since we almost know how to think about stuff including science.. Deniers always

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