Lindzen Presentation

This is a very enjoyable presentation by Richard Lindzen on climate and global warming.  Folks who have watched my video won’t find much new, but Lindzen is the horse’s mouth, as it were.  Via Maggies Farm

Requires RealPlayer, which scared me because for years RealPlayer was among the most annoying of spyware carriers, but the installation seemed OK.  I like the format of video plus synchronized slides – I struggle with this in putting my presentations on the web.

6 thoughts on “Lindzen Presentation”

  1. It may be just my system, but I cannot get the Fermilab video of Lindzen to run. It opens windows galore of the opening slide and is done. I even added the latest Real Media player.

    Could someone please let them know of this problem. The site the link sends you to here has no other connections.

  2. There’s a “bundle” out there floating around called the K-Lite Codec Pack… basically, they rip the codec portions out of the various media players out there (Real, Quicktime, and a few dozen more obscure ones), bundle them into one-stop Windows Install package, and include Media Player Lite – a clone of the old NT4 media player that just plays media (and reasonably well) without reporting everything you do to Microsoft or Apple or whomever. I’ve been using it for years to play Real Media without the associated RealPlayer crap. I’ve never gotten a virus from it (and I know how to look), but I’ve been running Linux on my desktop for the last few years so it’s been awhile since I’ve installed it. Like anything else from the Internet, be careful.

  3. If we could clone ten Richard Lindzens the AGW scare would be trampled like the Grenadian army during the US invasion.

  4. Also loaded up as 9 parts on youtube (search for the phrase “The Peculiar Issue of Global Warming”)

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