Too Bad, So Sad

Via the Arizona Republic

Arizona will no longer participate in a groundbreaking attempt to limit greenhouse-gas emissions across the West, a change in policy by Gov. Jan Brewer that will include a review of all the state’s efforts to combat climate change.

Brewer stopped short of pulling Arizona out of the multistate coalition that plans to regulate greenhouse gases starting in 2012. But she made it clear in an executive order that Arizona will not endorse the emission-control plan or any program that could raise costs for consumers and businesses.

8 thoughts on “Too Bad, So Sad”

  1. I am amazed to hear of so many states going ahead, or trying to go ahead, with stupid plans to regulate or decrease CO2 emissions. None of these guys have science advisors who are honest? That really scary.

    The plans by Wisconsin to commit economic suicide are depressingly stupid.

    Want to find a nice low value property for retirement?

    Just wait until Cambridge, Mass finishes destroying their property values with their efforts to return to communal feudalism – all in the name of junk science and the misguided idea that we are all inveterate sinners comprising a blight on the planet. It must hurt to dislike yourself and everybody around you so much.

  2. I was really pulling for the program. Maybe we could have gotten some of Arizona’s jobs back to the rust belt.

  3. The influence of California usually spreads to other states – things like Berkeley and San Francisco having their own foreign policies, and firmly believing that they can reduce greenhouse gases and save the world no matter what almost three billion Chinese and Indians are doing. I’m amazed Arizona wasn’t Californicated like Oregon and Washington, and inspired to euthanize the Arizona economy (and send jobs to China and India, where they know how to really pump out the CO2).

  4. We in the UK already have a stupid carbon reduction law. This was passed with the full support of our, so called official, opposition. I really cannot understand just how these politicians can forge ahead with these damaging initiatives knowing full well, as Micheal B Combs points out, about China and India’s intentions to continue emitting CO2 at an increasing rate.
    Add to this the increasing peer reviewed research that shows the MWP as probably considerably warmer than today, and global, and the entire AGW case disolves anyway. And this is without the now obvious falsification of the climate models and the shocking revelations of Climategate.

  5. What I found telling was CO2 was not even mentioned in the article or by the Governor using, instead, a more harsh sounding term of “pollution”. Thanks to the last few decades, “pollution” invokes choking clouds of smog, acid rain, chemical dumps, etc. And one should also note the Renewable Quest didn’t miss a beat. I’ll bet there are readers of this blog that really do believe CO2 is pollution.

    One should celebrate that one brick off the Empire State Building of Greenie propaganda was removed. This shows he road back to public sanity about CO2 will be a long one. The best advice to both sides of CO2 is to just keep breathing as deeply as you wish. If you can, burn more fuel. It helps my tomatoes.

  6. What a great presentation, congratulations.
    These scumbags, for that is what they are,intend to press ahead on all fronts.
    Ed Milliband has called us “Flat Earthers”, I suppose that is a little better than “Deniers” (how low can you go!).
    Anyway, here is some great evidence, combine it with, say, Lord Monkton’s and a few more. Surely there is a valid legal case here. If we could ask everyone to contribute to a legal suit it will cost a lot less than the taxes and the loss of jobs/life that these crazy idiots are proposing!

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