LOL, Missed My Chance at History

Something I discovered only days after the Climategate (I guess that unfortunate name is going to stick) story broke, I finally noticed a comment on my blog on the night of the release notifying me and my readers of the availability of the email file.  It was pretty far down in a pretty random, really a throwaway post, and I didn’t notice until days later when the story had moved on.  I never mentioned it because I was kind of embarrassed that I don’t seem to exercise the same real-time scrutiny on my comments as other bloggers seem to be able to manage.

Well, the embarrassment is worse than I thought, because by Steve McIntyre’s timeline, this site may have been first.  I got a weird email that night that I frankly could not figure out that in retrospect may have been related.  Anyway, I missed my chance.  Which is fine because much more dedicated bloggers soon jumped on the case.

If you are wondering where I am, I am steadily working through a new 90-minute studio lecture (ie much better sound quality than here) on the science of the skeptic’s position.  I have seen many good presentations of late but I really think I have hit on a good, balanced presentation and I am excited to share it soon.

6 thoughts on “LOL, Missed My Chance at History”

  1. hearing about your new presentation reminded me to pass along my sincere thanks for your current PDF presentation. I’ve sent it to several people interested in the science, but who haven’t been following recent developments. Smart people all, and they say yours is a great primer which is succinct, thorough and respectful of their ability to follow the thread and form their own opinions.

  2. Sound quality aside, your current presentation is great. I have passed it on to many friends and family, positive feedback from all. I’m sure the studio brief will be PRIMO, look forward to it.

  3. As TomW said, your current presentation is excellent. I can only imagine the quality of an updated and improved version. By the way, I just watched the Church of Global Warming video in which you were given a credit. It was an excellent piece that I forwarded to my friends skeptics and warmists alike. Keep up the great work Warren. Yours is always among the most balanced and useful.

  4. I admire the restraint you exercise to keep things balanced. I wouldn’t be able to be so accommodating to the wackos. If you ever can do it, I’d love to see/hear a blog from you on the difference between “environmentalism” and the global warming agenda.

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