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Last week I did a very enjoyable interview Stefan Molyneux of FreeDomain Radio.  My presence was almost superfluous, as Stefan was incredibly well-informed as well as passionate on climate topics.  Our discussion hits on many critical topics related to the science of the skeptics position, from positive feedbacks to urban heat biases to hockey sticks.  The interview is embedded below, but I encourage you to check out his site, he seems to get a lot of interesting interviews of which I appear to be the most pedestrian.

6 thoughts on “Climate Interview”

  1. A extemelly interesting conversation. As a summary, I would remark what Stefan says by the end: it’s not morally acceptable to tell poor people all over the world that they can’t have access to a cheap source of energy like coal or gas. That is like telling them: you will never have electricity, you will never have massive industry, you will never have prosperity.

    I think I will make a transcription to spanish and maybe (if I guess how) insert spanish subtitles on the video so it can reach to a wider audience (if it is possible, because conversation is quite fast! :-).

  2. Excellent interview. Your positions are well thought out, reasonable, and backed by facts and logic.
    Just the thing to dispel the fear mongering that has dominated the public square on this for far too long.

  3. nice catch on the inflection point in the hockey stick.

    enjoyable interview, I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about global warming.

  4. I started watching the interview, great intro by Steve – but it was marred by Stefan rubbishing people who did not believe in evolution!

    The science behind evolutionism is as weak as the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming claims! See for some interesting genuine science showing some of the flaws in the evolutionary belief system. Scientists who work on topics building up the creation science data have the same problems of being pushed out of mainstream ‘peer reviewed journals’ and even losing their jobs – see ‘Expelled’ with Ben Stein

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