We had a really good crowd out last night for my lecture.  I am currently working on publishing the video and the slides.  I am going to destroy the email list for this lecture, but before I do so I am going to send everyone a link to the slides and video when I get them posted.  If you would like to be notified when these are up, you may join the email list here.

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  1. Hey i really wanted to come to your lecture today but i got a job…hehe. I Would be honored if you came into my bar and let me buy u a drink. i work at Magnums At 7th st and union hills. see ya around some time. oh yeah put me on red list.

  2. That was an outstanding lecture and I hope a lot more people can hear and watch it.

    I also liked the way you handled some of the more wacky questioners. You managed to provide good information without making them seem silly, and yet without giving credit to their fantasies.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kudos to the kids too.

  3. Thank Warren Meyer,

    I appreciated your lecture this week. It was informative and consolidated many of the the questions and issues which continue to evolve over time.

    I would appreciate your comments or inputs about the AZ Republic’s article on the Arizona
    CO2 increases.

    There was no mention as to where or how the increase in AZ CO2 was measured. To me, measurements are everything. How, when, where, What technology, number of samples over time, degree of accuracy and standards (recovery) tests to validate the data are all critical when you start talking about concentrations. Who conducted the testing?

    No mention of 350 PPM levels anywhere in the state. What if the number was less than 350 PPM in Phoenix? Does that matter?

    Also the smoke stacks photo on the front page of the Republic were meant to infer that we were seeing CO2? Not likely, since it is not a visible compound. No mention of water vapor as another source of greenhouse gases, (from your lecture) which is what we were most likely seeing in the photo.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Great presentation! The visual analogies for negative & positive feedbacks was especially enlightening. I’ll see what I can do about prompting invites to speak on behalf of various policy makers I know.

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