2 thoughts on “More on the Climate Pentagon Papers”

  1. I have just had a rare moment of bliss. The ‘daily politics’. a show on the BBC (would you believe) has just allowed Fred Singer on to debate climate change with an AGW scientist, from the hadley centre. The host asked him about these emails and he gave some unconvincing, evasive answers about there needing to be a public enquiry. Every time he tried to get a point accross the host would mention an email from this list that contradicted him. The host even asked some good questions about the recent temperature downturn, which the alarmist, of course tried to say his side predicted; and which was pointed out that his models, in fact, didn’t do.

    Singer also had a copy of the nongovernemental panel on climate change report on him. He had just enough time to read the title ‘Why Nature, not Man is changing climate’. Although, given the emails, Mann appears to be changing climate.

    Hopefully this is the start of fairer coverage of climate science on the BBC. When Michael Mann sees this, he will be fuming at his BBC insider. Oh the hilarity!


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