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I have ordered a copy of “Not Evil Just Wrong” for review.  I am excited to see it, but am not going to immediately lend my support until I see the film.  There are lots of folks out there who nominally share some of my conclusions but whom I wouldn’t want arguing the case for me.  So we’ll see.  I will post a review as soon as I have seen it.

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  1. Today UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a speech in which he well and truly jumped aboard the global warming bandwagon just as the wheels are coming off it. Evidently, we have only fifty days to save the Earth. The man’s political instincts are quite amazing.

  2. Gordon Brown and his labor party are headed for a disastrous collision with voters next year. Not only is his timing bad, his policies are worse. Unfortunately he and his parliament may do irreparable damage to the economy of Great Britain if he commits to the terms of the Copenhagen Accord.
    Let’s hope logic prevails or Global Warming will be the least of our worries.
    Actually it is!

  3. The movie should be renamed -“Not Evil, Just Stupid”.
    20 years ago, we were told we had ten years to ‘save the planet’.
    about 5 years ago, we were told we have four years to ‘save the planet’.
    Now we are told we have 50 days to do the same.
    AGW promoters make a brisk living claiming that global warming is much worse than previously thought, and they get away with making that claim literally every few weeks.
    Meanwhile, the climate is ignoring the AGW fear mongers.

  4. Here in Calgary (that’s above the 49th for you sunbelters) we had a screening of Not Evil Just Wrong last week. I heard about it on the radio. They interviewed one of the producers (I believe, I am terrible with remembering names and people), who was trying to explain why the screening was nearly unattended. Her basic argument was that people are so thoroughly brainwashed that they automatically discredit anything contra-green.

    The interview was going along rather well, and I was impressed that the radio station was actually giving air-time to a skeptical viewpoint. But at the end of the interview, there was the obligatory “response from the other side”. I believe the respondant was a spokesperson for the MOE (Alberta), but may have been for Sierra Club (again – names…).

    Anyhow, the main thrust of the response was that, and read this carefully: “the company that produced the movie also once produced a corporate film on behalf of a large MINING COMPANY” (not a direct quote, but pretty close), and could therefore be discredited and disregarded. The main purpose of the movie was to “confuse people before the Copenhagen meetings”.

    Yes, a mining company. Presumably, mining companies are in the same group as BIG OIL and as such they are just as culpable for global warming. Never mind why a mining company, who does not have a great deal of exposure to carbon caps and so on – at least not in comparison to oil producers – would bother to underwrite an anti AGW film. The speaker obviously assumed that we all agree that any large company who makes its business out of producing natural resources is naturally hell-bent on destroying as much of the planet as possible, so it would be natural to expect them to expend time and money to oppose any efforts to improve any aspect of the environment whether it directly impacts their business or not.

    All corporate publicity businesses take note: do not ever take on an account with any oil company, forestry company, mining company, fisheries company etc., or else expect that any future projects relating to an environmental issue will be automatically discredited.

  5. I hosted a screening NOT EVIL JUST WRONG on Sunday night in Prescott, AZ and we had about 600 hundred folks attend. They were overwhelmingly positive in their response and wanted more information on a number of topics. It totally possible to do this but EVERYBODY has to get involved. I urge all U.S. citizens to accept the responsibility of learning about and acting on the many public policy issues that should be decided not by the emerging technocracy-but rather by our U.S. Representative Democracy. Go out and enjoy the day-it is the only weather we have!

  6. I viewed the premier screening with high expectations. The film attempted to illuminate the real truth that the AGW debate is a political, not a scientific question. It also observed, rightly in my opinion, that the political motives involved are leftist if not outright authoritarian. Nonetheless, I was disappointed and found the presentation rather weak and unfocused, except for the part illustrating the unconscionable mind-washing propaganda aimed at school children. Had more time and effort been focused on this, rather than DDT, it might have had enough punch to do some real good.

  7. The Global Warming Lie Explained

    Does every Western world leader know that MMGW is a lie and they are playing along with it for a greater reason? Is this a case of the end justifies the means!

    During the 18th and 19th centuries the West had its industrial revolution and as a result we became the dominant force in the world. During the 20th and 21st centuries, the East is following suite and unless restrained or stopped, they will catch up to and surpass the West.

    Ask yourself what is the most important thing to Western civilization? The answer is remaining the dominant force in the world and maintaining the Western way of life.

    What is the biggest threat to Western civilization? The developing countries of the East and to a lesser extent, Africa. Climate change as a problem to the West, does not even come close in comparison.

    Can you imagine the reaction of the East if the West said “We will force you to stop developing” It would never happen as the world would have to condemn such threats.

    Much better to provide “evidence” of MMGW and relate this to CO2 emissions. Preach the doom and gloom, the future floods, the future famines, and the end of humanity. Accuse those who know and publicise the real the facts of being deniers and heretics, cast them out and deny them a living. This constant pressure will create enough supporters to be able to ignore the rest. Better still, ensure compliancy amongst scientists by giving them unlimited resources to provide the answers you need.

    Once this is done, you can say to the East “Your actions are destroying the world so you must stop your development and we will give you trillions of dollars to help you develop in other, ways such as hydro, wind or solar power”

    The East can never develop without using fossil fuels. Alternatives are just not viable for the power they would need.

    The beauty is, it can never be 100% proved or disproved in the present tense. It will only ever be proved when it happens. If it never happens it will always be “in another 50 years time…..”

    For anyone who does not support the MMGW lie, think about this.

    The end of our civilisation will not come from climate change but from a massive and irreversible swing of power from West to East.

    For your children’s, children’s sake, don’t let it happen! Support the lie!

  8. David,

    Your faith in the organizational scope and competence of our social institutions (and the elite managing them) is so touching! While there are certainly some pursuing ‘mitigation’ of the purported ‘threat’ in interests of wealth re-distribution, the advocacy community for the ‘crisis’ and it’s ‘remedies’ don’t seem especially coherent or consistent in that respect, if in any at all. Consider for a moment the theory (which seems fairly sensible) that restrictions of such emissions and forced adoption of far less efficient basic technologies than would otherwise be used in absence of such regulations, will predominantly, and proportionally, be borne by the less wealthy…. No, the fundamental urge seems less charity than just simple nihilism. Simple self_destructiveness seems an inherent component of the human psyche, that given rein needs no organized conspiracy to wrack ruin. As history has shown repeatedly, common delusions and mass hysteria don’t need anything so intentional.

  9. I was discussing “Not Evil, Just Wrong” with a friend, who has just finished his own film, “Church of Global Warming” ( “Not Evil, Just Wrong” was getting a bit of hype before its release, but there’s been a near deafening silence since. This was the only thread I could find.

    I haven’t seen it, but intend to. The comments above give it a bit of a mixed review, which is a bit disappointing. At least however, like my friend, the makers can rightfully say they were on the right side of the debate given the whole thing looks like being blown open by Emailgate.

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