3 thoughts on “Draft Boxer Climate Bill”

  1. Man can I relate to that! As a physician I’ve done my share of reading this summer as well. These guys are very busy indeed in DC. Listen, I really enjoyed this site. Truly a remarkable effort. We have a blog with some good insights into the health care reform debate. Check out this one for starters http://www.takebackmedicine.org/?p=1217 and others I like are SCHIP, The Death of Private Insurance, Medicare as the Model, Death Panels Indeed and Racism. Love to hear your thoughts in comment on any of them.

    Again, great site and thanks for compiling all this information.

    Brian K

  2. The following section of the bill shows the amazing powers of the Federal gov’t in dealing with climate change. They can improve the resiliency and ability to adapt to climate change of natural resources. I’m not sure how natural resources are defined. Wildlife? Oil? Water? Ore? Cattle?
    (a) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of this Act, the Panel shall develop a Natural Resources Climate Change Adaptation Strategy—
    (1) to protect, restore, and conserve natural resources so that natural resources become more resil1ient, adapt to, and withstand the ongoing and expected impacts of climate change;

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