Interview with John Christy

Blogging has been really light here because

  1. I have this real job thingie which sometimes demands my time
  2. My blogging time is consumed at CoyoteBlog on what I consider more pressing issues than 100-year temperature changes (including real, immediate threats to the rule of law by an Administration trying to convert an economic slump into an excuse for extensive government interventionism).
  3. To the extent I am blogging on climate, it is generally not on the science  (not a lot to write about right now — the same problems with AGW theory still exist) but on regulatory issues, which I tend to address at Coyote Blog rather than here.

However, while I am a bit dormant, this is a nice interview with John Christy.   Not a ton new here for frequent readers of science-based skeptic sites.

6 thoughts on “Interview with John Christy”

  1. One of the greatest proofs that AGW is a social movement is how scientists like Christy, Spencer, Pielke, etc. etc. etc. are ignored by the AGW promotion industry.
    Instead they come up with strawman and ad hom attacks, or simply ignore the views that disturb their faith.
    Thanks for posting the link to this important interview.
    We may yet dodge the worst effects of the AGW-driven policies. But then, I am an optimist.

  2. Thanks for posting the story. I’m amazed at what little press John Christy and the rest of the true believers of natural law get…

  3. Hunter, I agree with you 100%.

    However, it will most likely be the source of the future talking points that we’re going to hear stated, re-stated, over-stated and mis-states over the next few years.

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