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  1. Hmm. Two stroke marine motors. SUVs. Pickup trucks. Seems like any other government operation: The rules we enforce don’t apply to us.

  2. Bullcrap. That may be part of their duties (what ever happened to simple “Fish and Game”?), but a simple perusal of their site lists some of these other “tasks” of the six, (count ’em) divisions of your “fish and game laws” organization:

    * investigate cases of illegal waste disposal and wetlands violations
    * helicopters when necessary (for fish and game?)
    * wildlife management areas, boat access sites
    * “Environmental Strike Force”
    * scientific and investigatory skills of the Department of Environmental Protection
    * illegal hazardous and solid waste disposal
    * water pollution, air quality violations
    * illegal pesticide application
    * violations of wetland protection statutes
    * patrol the coastal waters in numerous smaller craft as well as with aircraft
    * investigation of marine theft cases
    * closely monitors ATV use on beaches (excluding their own, no doubt)
    * investigations involving disputed motorboat titles and registrations
    * recovers substantial sales and excise tax revenue to the Commonwealth each year
    * informs and educates the public through the development of media campaigns designed for TV, radio, and the print media
    * responsible for the investigation of all motorboat and recreational vehicle accidents that cause substantial property damage, serious injuries, or fatalities
    * generating and maintaining accurate and current records of all motorboats, ATV’s and snowmobiles titled and/or registered in the Commonwealth
    * provide a revenue stream to assist in the enforcement of the Commonwealth’s environmental regulations and for the education programs offered to our constituency groups.

    Warren’s description is dead-on accurate: these are the Environmental Police. Achtung, baby!

  3. Well, in the Berkshires we’ve been able to police our own illegal waste disposal without their help. Although it really stinks when you prepare all those twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back
    of each one and then… Oh never mind.

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