• taking about correlations…i have done a report showing a correlation between the position of the gas planets and sunspot activity. check it out here.


  • I think I can explain the lag between the music quality peek (1965) and US oil production decline (1972) by explaining this in terms of a complex feedback mechanism.

  • Wonderful!

  • But should we struggle to produce more oil, so the quality of the music will increase, or should we attempt to draft better composers and musicians into rock ‘n’ roll, so we can have more oil?

    I’m so confused!

  • GIGO

    Rolling Stone Top 500 as a proxy for music quality? That’s about as reliable as tree rings for temperature.

    Check the correlation between the Top 500 and, say, Rolling Stone editors freshman year in college…

  • I want to see the correlation between age of the Rolling Stone editors and number of songs. I’ll bet that the peaks are when the editors were 15-17 years old.

  • JAN

    Francis, get a grip. The 800 days lag between pop music and crude oil, proves that crude oil production increase causes an increase in pop music quality by way of an unknown trigger mechanism.

  • Ted Annonson

    It looks to me that it took the oil companies five years to drill through all that Hard Rock. I guess that the Acid Rock ruined a lot of drill bits, so that the oil companies haven’t been able to do much drilling lately.

  • -G-rad

    That’s priceless 😀
    And guys – your comments are great.