You Make the Call

A half degree cooler or $45 trillion poorer?  You make the call.  And remember, these are the cost numbers from climate alarmists, so they are very likely way too low. 

The press is so used to the politically correct language of victimization, that they don’t even think about it before applying it.  As a result, global warming alarmists get a pass on claiming to be helping the poor by fighting global warming.

But this is absurd.  The poor don’t care about polar bears or bad snow at the ski resort or hurricanes hitting their weekend beach house.  They care about agriculture, which has always been improved by warmer weather and longer growing seasons, and development, which relies on the profligate expenditure of every hydrocarbon they can get their hands on.  Can anyone really argue that a half degree warmer world is harder on the poor than a $45 trillion dollar price increase in energy costs?

4 thoughts on “You Make the Call”

  1. Perhaps the reason the poor display such low concern for the environment is that their major priority is their own survival. And they probably also sense that, in the battle to ‘save the planet’, they are cast in the role of sacrificial offering.

  2. The poor having been treated so well by environmentalists in the fight against malaria, they know who’s on their side.

  3. Yeah but you’ve got to remember that the poor don’t understand what they want.

    Only nice, greeny, socialist, fair trade buying types no what the poor want.

  4. I would prefer it warmer by the half-degree. I don’t consider myself poor, but compared to Al Gore I might be. The hypocrites who say we should prefer it cooler have not studied history even superficially. Rich or poor, warm is good.

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