Today’s Exercise

Using this chart from the NOAA:


Explain how midwestern flooding in 2008 is due to global warming.  For those who wish to make the argument that global temperatures, not just US temperatures, matter because the world is one big interelated climate system, you may use this chart of global temperatures instead in your explanation:


For extra credit, also blame 2008 spike in tornadoes on global warming.  Thanks for charts to Anthony Watt.

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  1. Most of the flooding has happened in late May into June.

    But I understand that all those thunderstorms and showers were connected to the persistent Labrador low.That sent all that cold air down into the midwest.Spawning all those deadly storms.

    Yup it was the cold air that was the difference.

  2. Unless you are completely braindead, you will have heard climate scientists saying time and time again that no single weather event can be attributed to global warming. The reason is in the words ‘weather’ and ‘climate’. But climate idiots have a hard time getting that distinction. They also fail to realise staggeringly often that the USA covers only 2 per cent of the world’s surface.


    I was responding to this:

    “Explain how midwestern flooding in 2008 is due to global warming…”

    I explained by pointing out a short term WEATHER event.The Labrador Low was a major factor in causing the flooding.

    Never did I state it was or was not due to global warming.

    I surmise that he was responding to the many in the media and unfortunately a few scientists claiming that the flooding in the midwest was caused by global warming.

    Funny you missed all those news reports trying to link the floods to Global warming.

    You need to calm down and cool your potty mouth as well.

  4. To educate the troll “scientist”:

    Midwest Floods and Unjustified Climate Change Fear Mongering

    Union’s Amy Goodman is marshaling the media to spread unwarranted fear

    Just 2 of many attempts to link the floods with global warming.This is what you failed to consider when you posted your usual potty mouth mush.

  5. Sunsettommy – what made you think my comments were addressed to you, you little prick?

  6. I see that you were creamed at another thread.When will you dazzle us with your awsome comeback with your deep science knowledge.You seem to have trouble showing us.

    It is clear that I have done my work showing to you that many have already made claims of global warming causing the floods.Your ignorance was exposed.

    The people for the most part doing this are the alarmists.The media and environmentalist idiots are the main pushers of this B.S.

    The skeptics think it is silly to use any particular weather event as proof that it is caused by global warming.

    Like I said before.You were apparently unaware that global warming causing the floods was invoked by a lot of AGW moron believers.Who were unaware that it was merely a well placed Low pressure system that caused it.

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