This is Just Pathetic

I could probably fill this blog with examples of fact-challenged alarmism, but this one is so easy to debunk it is just staggering.  I am going to make the dangerous assumptions that the WWF is not just outright lying.  If that is true, this is a great example of how popular perception and hysteria substitute for facts and observations.  The WWF is just so convinced this is going on, no one even bothers to check to see if it is true.  First the story, from here, via Tom Nelson:

According to a recent report, endangered migratory whales will have reduced feeding areas due to the shrinkage of Antarctic sea ice from global warming.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) said this could threaten the species. The report, “Ice Breaker – Pushing the boundaries for Whales” says whales will soon have to travel up to 310 miles further south in search of food because the ice will retreat up to 30 percent in some areas.

The study also says the whales’ food supply will be further reduced because of the balance between cold sea ice and warmer sea water which causes an up swelling of nutrients that could further contract.

WWF officer Heather Sohl said, "Essentially, what we are seeing is that ice-associated whales such as the Antarctic minke whale will face dramatic changes to their habitat over little more than the lifespan of an individual whale."

OK, two problems with this.  First, the even the IPCC predicts Antarctic ice to grow, not shrink, even under a strong global warming case.  Note the Antarctic is below zero, actually contributing to a sea level drop and mitigating Greenland melting.

And, there is that problem of reality introding, because in fact Antarctica has been hitting 30-year highs for sea ice extent over the past year:


I will leave it to y’all in the comments to decide if they are outright lying or if they are just ignorant.

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  1. Maybe neither.

    They are so invested in and indentured to the AGW idea that they can no longer either comprehend what truth is or handle any dissonant data. There brains just can’t process that which doesn’t support their core beliefs. They have locked in and fixated on “the idea”

    Maybe the doctors could investigate and find there is a new medical condition . . . let’s call it “Goreacle Syndrome”

  2. They’re just priming the publicity pump in preparation for their lawsuit when the whales are declared endangered, or whatever.

    Facts are irrelevant to environmentalists. The movement has become a religion, and not a very well founded one.

  3. Actually, someone in the WWF is probably dating the whale researcher who’s in desperate need of some research funding to keep going. A well-timed article could allow him to tap the vast spigot of “Big Green.” Cold be that no one is being dishonest. He’s just crafted his own reality wherein he truly believes this to be the case, or at least the potential research dollars have contributed to the myopia. And person at WWF accepts uncritically anything that supports “the consensus” they all believe in.

  4. Here is another good one; In Nature an article warning how melting ice is releasing DDT and endangering the penguins!!!!!

  5. Here is another good one; In Nature an article warning how melting ice is releasing DDT and endangering the penguins!!!!!

  6. Here is another good one; In Nature an article warning how melting ice is releasing DDT and endangering the penguins!!!!!

  7. Liars, cold-blooded, deliberate, confidence men.
    The author of the post didn’t even peel back all the layers of this deception.
    For while it is true that Antarctic sea ice (and Arctic sea ice for that matter) is at record extent with no sign of retreating as southern hemi winter sets in, if you were to accept the lie that polar ice is melting away to nuthin, in the real world this would cause a veritable bumper crop of phytoplankton and zooplankton, because these sea creatures which normally cling precariously to life adhered to the underside of the ice waiting out the winter, just like any other plant bloom bigtime when the ice pack thaws letting in the sunlight.
    In other words, if the “dire” situation of minimum sea ice were to occure, this would be a blessing for whales, walrus, sea lion, penguin, cod, shrimp, crab, lobster, just about every living thing that calls Antarctica home.

  8. From the article – “Scientists predict global average temperatures will rise by 1.8 and 4.0 degrees Celsius this century. They blame the increase on fossil fuels used for transportation and power.

    The WWF predictions are based on the hypothesis that average temperatures will rise by 2.0 degrees Celsius by 2042.”

    And I thought the IPCC report was only postulating a temperature increase on the order of 0.7 degrees Celsius? So, aren’t they taking this to even a greater extreme for this?

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