Die Rich People, Die

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The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) web site has an absolutely horrible kid’s game called "Planet Slayer."  In this game, kids answer lifestyle questions and the program tells them when they should die because they have used up their "fair share" of the world’s resources.  The less politically correct kids are, or the wealthier they are, the sooner they are told they should die.  Accepting the default, average choices in the games tells kids they should die when they are 9 years old.

Yeah, I know you think I am exaggerating.  Because this is likely to get pulled down soon, I will show you a series of screenshots from it.  Whether it gets pulled down or not, a major media company (with all of its famed multiple levels of editorial control) thought this was a good game for kids.  I actually delayed publishing this, because I wanted to make sure this was not some kind of hack or joke site.  But you can get there right from the ABC home page by clicking "science" in the top menu and clicking on the planet slayer game icon at the bottom of the science page.  I still wonder whether it’s a put on – it’s that bad.

Here is the landing page (click on any page to increase the size):


Yep, that little sign does indeed say "find out when you should die."  Here the game is explained:


Here is the first question:


With each question, if you choose any answer that might not indicate that you are a subsistence farmer in Africa living on a $1 a day, your pig gets fatter.  I really encourage you to check out the whole thing.  It is one politically correct litmus test after another.  My pig got slightly fatter, until I got to this one:


Answering that you spend any more than $10,000 AUS (about a 1:1 conversion with US dollars), your pig will get really fat.  The wealthier you are, the more evil you are in a direct relationship.  It is a point I have made for a while:  global warming alarmists consider their preferred solution to environmental issues to be universal poverty. 


There is me, really evil, because I earn a good living.  And, as we can see with this question, since I spend my money on ordinary stuff that I actually want, rather than where the authors would like me to spend it, I really suck.  When you hit the final button, you pig is actually exploded in a bloody mess  (yes, the red is blood).  As it turns out, I should have been strangled at birth:


Hat tip to Watts Up With That.  Really, in some ways this is an awesome game.   Never have I seen such a pure combination of Marxist-style zero-sum economics with science-challenged warming alarmism.

I don’t think I need to bother refuting any of this.  If you are new to the site, you can find a basic refutation of zero-sum economics here and a series of resources on global warming, from a book to free Youtube videos, here.

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  1. apparently theyre having some problems. I get the home page but nothing works.

    Too bad.

  2. HEH!!

    When I got on it I am supposed to die in 9.3 years. OOOPS!!! Don’t tell anybody. I’m 46 years overdue!!

    I hope they are pulling it down. It is a SICK thing to do to children!!

  3. The ABC is Austrialia’s equivalent of the BBC. This “educational” quis is taxpayer funded! Hardworking Aussies are forced to pay for the ABC. Their reward? Being called pigs who should have died already,


  4. I managed, by dint of outrageous lying, to get a “footprint” of -15.0… That’s minus!! Just think, if everyone lived the way “Dr Schpinke” wanted to, we’d absorb all the CO2 in the world and freeze to death! 🙂

  5. The outcome seems to depend on whether you invest your money in the green industry, and there are some flaws with the questions and answers. For example question 2. If I say I don’t use a car it claims that I emit more CO2 than if my car was a gas guzzler.

    Question 1 is funny because if I say I use a taxi I am less of a pig than if I used a bus or train, and if I use bus or train I am a less pig than if I walk or bike.

    Question 3 is also funny, if I say that I flew 0-5000 km last year I get about 300 kg of CO2 added but if it was paid for by work 100% I suddenly emit 600 kg more or 900 kg.

    Well, to keep things short. I live in Iceland, all energy I use is renewable and “green” except fuel on cars. I recycle and eat meat maybe once a week, and travel mostly on bicycle. So I would have thought that I would be a rather green pig and have a small carbon footprint. Guess not, according to the game I emit 19,6 tons of CO2(is this supposed to be annually?) and I should have died at the age of 11.7 years.

  6. The real funny part is that Australia is so isolated from everything (except New Zealand and the Cook Islands) that to basically go anywhere else of consequence (Europe, the US) you need to jet halfway around the world, causing pretty much the largest collective “carbon footprint” on the planet.

    So this seems like a rather strange Jim Jones-type cultish message that Aussies should commit suicide en masse.

    And these idiots wonder why we don’t take their “science” seriously….

  7. This is a form of child abuse. Should we teach our children to be goos stewards of the Earth? YES! But to lie to them about man made glabal warming and turning our kids into sheeple is just wrong.

  8. I have an idea. All of the green people should quit breeding and quit breathing to cut back on CO2. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

    This is modern day evolution and Darwinism at work. All the liberalism is a mental disorder genes are either aborting their children or not having any sitting at home wringing their hands worried to death about an imaginary temperature rise 100 years from now.

    Glad they’re removing their DNA from the gene pool voluntarily less liberal la la land brain genetics the better! oink oink LOL

  9. I got to live until age 3.1. Look how mentally ill these people are. These people are really into the worship of death and misery, just under the guise that they think they are doing something good. Go ahead be miserable and feel guilty, freat about a problem that doesn’t exist, what do I care?

  10. I cannot believe my eyes…this in a free “progressive” world. Yes, how can one be called “progressive” if they are actually REgressive?
    Talk about soft fascism.

  11. Only a mentally deranged mind would say this is an acceptable kids game. It’s soft propaganda aimed at kids plain and simple. Better be careful, one of these kids will follow this to it’s logical conclusion; there are too many people so some must be elminated. Next thing you know these kids grow up sending people to death camps again.

  12. The truly scarry thing about this game isn’t that it was marketed toward children, it is that many elitist would like to see the proletariat dead or return to tribal life.

    The last death cult we saw in the world created unimaginable atrocities against man and the Nazi’s atleast thought that some men (uber-menche) were noble creatures. This death cult would have us believe we are a parasite to the earth.

    I say the green movement is a parasite to humanity.

  13. this is sick you ppl are sick you are just as bad as al gore you ppl should die in 1.4 years you sickos

  14. I would to see the owners of ABC take this test with their children.
    Fun for the whole family.

  15. These child abusing liberals from ABC aren’t even as intelligent as Arnold the pig in the “Green Acres” sitcom.

  16. Did any of you try answering the Uber Green answers? They tell you at the end that you live forever. Talk about a false religion. Propagandizing kids into the thoughts that they can attain IMMORTALITY by being poor and sickly.

    But maybe that’s the point. Some grub eating African refugee camp kids would be happy to know they haven’t yet used up their share of the earth when they pass at 11.2 years of age… And that’s how they want us- poor, unhealthy, brainwashed and dead by breeding age.

  17. WOW i was supposed to die at 7 this is so sick these stupid nazi liberals should all be deported to an island and never be seen again

  18. This is a sick game. By the logic this of game, no one should be alive. When was the last time you saw a child driving a car or spending money etc.? One can only conclude that the makers of this game wish that humanity itself did not exist. Sickos. Someone should stick a carbon footprint where the sun don’t shine on these fools.

  19. This is a great one for the earth-worshipping pagans — now all they have to do is install their one-world government and they can “recycle” people when they’ve used up their quota of carbon emissions!

    This is like Soylent Green and Brave New World combined in a New Age horror show!

  20. This is a great one for the earth-worshipping pagans — now all they have to do is install their one-world government and they can “recycle” people when they’ve used up their quota of carbon emissions!

    This is like Soylent Green and Brave New World combined in a New Age horror show!

  21. Now you are all missing the point.

    I saw this a few days ago. My kids have all done it and they get good long lifespans (“you can live forever”). Fill it in as if you are a kid doing minimal travel and living on pocket money and you too will be immortal.

    It’s clearly designed to indoctrinate the kids that all this is practical.

  22. Heh. They must have been getting some complaints. I saw this a while ago, and as posted, they used to say, “You should die at age x.x.” It now has been changed and just says, “You’ll use your share of the planet in x.x years.”

  23. According to the game I managed to emit negative 357 tonnes of C02 by making over $100,000 and spending it all in ethical investments.

  24. Fascinating. My question is, “Does anyone take personal responsibility?” This “game” clearly isn’t for children but then I don’t have to worry about my kids seeing it because they aren’t allowed near the computer without being supervised the entire time they are using it.

    We recycle a lot of stuff, not because we feel we are “saving the planet” but because when we bought our home we saw what it looked like because the former owners had used it as a trash dump.

    We don’t drive a thousand miles a week because we don’t have jobs outside the home. After spending 20 years earning a “normal” paycheck, we realized we were much more effective parents and spouses staying home and actually raising our children. Face this simple fact, if you go to a “normal” job it does not matter what your salary is, you are NOT with your children for MOST of the waking hours of the day. An 8 hour job takes more than 8 hours when you factor in lunch and coffee breaks and don’t forget about commute time.

    Part of our recycling involves composting our decomposable trash not because we thing it’s a “good for the planet” thing but because it’s good for our gardens. We garden because we love to eat and we eat way better now than we ever did before.

    We don’t eat a lot of meat because we eat a lot of veggies. Not because we don’t like meat but because meat is hard on our bodies. Yep, that’s right, we don’t get the energy up after a meat meal like we do after a veg meal. My hubby likes LOTS of energy when he goes to bed. Here is a feather for you cap, how many folks do you know, in their 50s, 2 young kids, who “go at it” twice a day? As I recall from my “water cooler” days, most people felt it was hard to take more than a couple times a week!

    Well, the game is dumb and I do have to wonder why people are so committed to these really unhappy lifestyles (and face it, you ALL sound unhappy) when you don’t have to be.

    You folks are really boring and useless no matter what side of the argument you are on and I really feel sorry for you all.

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