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To answer a question in the comments, I do not moderate comments on this site except to occasionally delete obvious advertising spam (and even that I can be pretty slow to get to).  This is in contrast to sites like RealClimate, which have been known to moderate out dissenting opinion.  Also, I seldom participate in the comment threads, so y’all should not necessarily assume that by not replying I have somehow been silenced by your wit.  I am just too busy to keep up with online flame wars in the same way that I used to get sucked into them.  I read the comment threads, and then try to refine my arguments in my posts in the future.

I will observe the the discourse has become a bit, uh, course at times of late.  I get it that this is an emotional topic. 

At most sites, this would result in a plea at this point for civility.  I am not going to do that, exactly.  I am just going to observe that looking back over the comment threads, those of you who are resorting to name calling and other kindergarten-level debating tactics are not helping your position very well.

There is nothing I hate more than to be in a debate / discussion, trying to carefully and logically defend my position, only to have someone jump in, supposedly on "my side" and say something like "YOU LIBERALS ALL SUCK!"  So, this is an official plea for civility from those who agree with me.  Let’s hold the intellectual high ground.   Everyone else can curse and flame to their heart’s content ;=)

Postscript:  And since we are dealing with issues in the comments, yes, my spelling and proofreading is are often terrible.  mea culpa

4 thoughts on “On This Site’s Comments”

  1. Your allowing of comments including intemperate ones is great.

    You DON’T show much consideration of the implications of criticims of your points in later posts.

    Yes, tone does hurt the impression of one’s arguments. But FUCK impression. What matters is the points. I’m so sick of the happy horseshit neoliberal corporate blather. Let’s take some cutting facts and arguments and (insert rape joke).

  2. I read the comment threads, and then try to refine my arguments in my posts in the future – clearly not. You’ve just trotted out your false claims about Antarctica yet again, despite them being shown to be wrong at least the last three times you’ve spouted them. You’re quite simply a liar.

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