Where “Consensus” Comes From

Via Tom Nelson:

I hate to burst the bubble here, but the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) climate ‘consensus’ statement does not hold up to even the lightest scrutiny.

It appears that the AGU Board issued a statement on climate change without putting it to a vote of the group’s more than 50,000 members. Its sweeping claims were drafted by what appears to be only nine AGU committee members. The statement relies heavily on long term computer model projections, cherry-picking of data and a very one-sided view of recent research. As with the recent statements by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the AGU statement is the product of a small circle of scientists (again apparently a 9 member panel according to AGU) who all share the same point of view, and who failed to put their statement to a vote of the AGU members on whose behalf they now claim to speak. As such it amounts to nothing more than a restatement of the opinion of this small group, not a ‘consensus’ document.

5 thoughts on “Where “Consensus” Comes From”

  1. Why do lefties like consensus so much? I’ve never understood it. Most people just care if they are right or wrong, but the lefties are fixated on unanimity. What is up with that?

  2. Iblis, Stalin demanded unanimity, to. Its a left thing, apparently. Either have or manufacture it. It creates the impression of the “proletariat” moving in concert to create a “revolutionary” socialist republic. That’s my psychoanalysis of Leftism and their bizarre love of consensus.

  3. The Left’s demand for consensus is a reflection of their pre-adolescent totalitarian impulse that is dominant among them – the bullies of Lord of the Flies.

  4. As complicated as climate & weather is, I feels soooo secure that i is amongst the knowledgeable who can even figure out human psychology of left handed scientists…Stalin, pre-adolescence, totalitarians(throw-back to Stalin), & impulses….even Lord of the Flies….you guys got it all!

  5. Litesong, the point is: Is Scientific “Consensus” a good measure of accuracy or not? History suggests that it is not.

    But don’t worry, in addition to psychoanalyzing leftists, I also try to study and understand the complex phenomenon of climate. Something which is, by the way, so complex that we will probably need several more decades to have an adequate understanding to predict forwards a hundred years. I’m particularly interested in the Climate Change/Severe weather connection, which I suspect does not exist, based on observations, data, and yes, models.

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