How Did Exxon Manage This?

Somehow, man’s burning of fossil fuels in the late 20th century has caused glaciers to begin melting … starting in the 18th century. 

Courtesy of I Love My CO2, comes this map of the pretty steady retreat of a glacier in Greenland. 


Unfortunately, I can’t find his source.  What makes me believe that this is accurate is this similar map of the glaciers at Glacier Bay, Alaska, from Alaska Geographic:


There is also pretty good evidence that the glaciers of Kilamanjaro were retreating before 1900 and most of their measured retreat has occured before 1950.  More here.

One thought on “How Did Exxon Manage This?”

  1. the reference is (without politicians)

    Science 24 March 2006:
    Vol. 311. no. 5768, pp. 1719 – 1720
    DOI: 10.1126/science.1124496

    Greenland Rumbles Louder as Glaciers Accelerate
    Ian Joughin*

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