Even Shorter Version of Climate Video

After finding out about this contest, I wanted to enter.  However, having very little time, I had to work with something I already had on the shelf.  So I chose to edit this 9+ minute video critiquing catastrophic global warming forecasts to create a three minute version (per the contest rules).

I am pretty sure this is not what the folks running the contest really are looking for, but I had fun trying.   So here is my most edited effort yet, Don’t Panic — The Case Against Catastrophic Global Warming Forecasts

I had to just assert some things given the time constraints without presenting the evidence (particularly in the aerosol discussion).  The more complete 9 minute version critiquing global warming forecasts is here.   And the big boy, the 50-minute video covering a wide range of climate change topics, is here.

2 thoughts on “Even Shorter Version of Climate Video”

  1. Very nicely done! Short and sweet. FYI: The word “discerned” is misspelled on the “Conclusions” slide (last slide, fifth paragraph).

  2. Of course, I posted my comment to the wrong page. I was referring to the nine-minute version of your video. Need more sleep…

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