• Corky Boyd

    If the media had used the quote, “This was the first time the Northwest Passage was open via the McClure Strait”, it might have been accurate. The claim was made this year that the McClure Strait was free of multi-year ice for the first time and could have been transited. To the best of my knowledge, it wasn’t.

    The McClure Strait has significance. In 1969 the 100,000 ton SS Manhattan, a converted oil tanker with a reinforced icebreaking bow attempted it and failed. The passage through McClure is more than 24 mile wide through its entirety and the US had claimed it was a passage through international waters. The Canadians still dispute it.

    In realiy the strait was not “clear” of all ice and the claim the Passage was open is subject to debate.

    Regretably, the media through lack of knowledge gets it wrong again.

  • Skeptic, I got pretty annoyed by this Gore-bal warming panderfest at Time magazine. They just piiiiiiiiled on every alarmist story they could round up, Think you could find the time to debunk this scaremonger piece? There’s a lot to wade through.