Altered for Readability

For a while now, I have known that the design I created for this site was not really working.  My intention was to draw from the color palette of the Earth in space, but what I got was a blog that was very hard to read.  I have dragged my feet for a while, casting about for a better design, when I received a class action lawsuit from Jon Edwards suing me for destroying the eyesight of my readers.  So I have modified the blog to be much more readable, at least as an interim step to a new design.

4 thoughts on “Altered for Readability”

  1. Thanks. Saves me having to drag the mouse over the page to select the text so I can read it.

    Your new version is fine (on Firefox).
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Call me oblivious, but I hadn’t noticed that your blog was particularly hard to read. However, readability is always a good thing to shoot for. 🙂

  3. I noticed it right away. And since I was one of the people who pinged Warren on the matter, I’m glad he took the issue to heart. Pre-Mac computer screens used to be a highly unreadable white text on a black background, which the Macintosh remedied, and is now SOP on all computers. I find the new format to be much more readable. Thanks, Warren!

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