New Global Warming Video Release

Please check back Monday morning, as I will be releasing my new video, "What is Normal:  A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory."  As with my global warming book, which began as a ten page summary and ended up as an 85-page manuscript, the video started at a goal of 15 minutes and eventually ended up at 50 minutes.  However, unlike other global warming-related videos I will not name, it is all climate science, with no self-congratulatory segments on my childhood.

2 thoughts on “New Global Warming Video Release”

  1. If it is as good as the book, I will enjoy it very much. If it is particularly good, perhaps you can win a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar. Okay, okay, that would be true only if the average human IQ on the planet were one or two SDs higher.

    Good luck on your budding film career. When people such as yourself have important things to say, the new media technologies make it possible to reach larger audiences. Perhaps there is hope for the world yet.

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