Phoenix Climate Presentation 11/10/2009

I have given a number of presentations on climate change around the country and have taken the skeptic side in a number of debates, but I have never done anything in my home city of Phoenix.

Therefore, I will be making a presentation in Phoenix on November 10 at 7PM in the auditorium of the Phoenix Country Day School, on 40th Street just north of Camelback.  Admission is free.  My presentation is about an hour and I will have an additional hour for questions, criticism, and rebuttals from the audience.  The Google Map location is here, and a diagram of how to park and find the auditorium is below (click on the thumbnail below for larger version)


Conference brochure:  nov-10-climate-lecture.  The press release is here.  An example issue we address, on the nature of climate feedbacks, is here.

The presentation will include background on global warming theory, a discussion of why climate models are likely exaggerating future warming, and an evaluation of various policy alternatives. The presentation will be heavy on science and data, but is meant to be accessible without a science background.   Topics include:

  • Why greenhouse gasses like CO2 warm the Earth.
  • How most forecasts of warming from manmade causes are grossly exaggerated, which helps to explain why actual temperatures have been flat and are undershooting warming forecasts.
  • How natural processes lead to climate variations that are being falsely interpreted as man-made.
  • A discussion of public policy initiatives, of why the current cap-and-trade bill will be tremendously expensive for whatever small benefits it might have, and of a much lower-cost alternative to current cap-and-trade bills that has been proposed by Congressman Jeff Flake.
  • The historic role of amateurs in climate science and examples of how local students have contributed.

Examples of my earlier presentations are available on YouTube in addition to my other climate publications here.

If you belong to a group that might be interested in attending, please email me at the link above and I can send you more information or help you with logistics.

I have created a mailing list for folks who would like more information about this presentation – just click on the link below. All I need is your name and email address.