Climate Videos

My most recent and comprehensive video is from a November 10, 2009 lecture I gave in Phoenix.  It is called “Catastrophe Denied — A Critique of Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming Theory.”

The HD video is available full length via Vimeo embedded below. This is a lower resolution version — to see it in its full high-resolution glory click here. This higher resolution version is greatly recommended – the Vimeo engine works well and I find it streams even better than low-resolution YouTube videos on most computers.

Catastrophe Denied: A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory from Warren Meyer on Vimeo.
Full Resolution Version Here

You can also view it on YouTube, though by YouTube’s rules the resolution gets crushed and it has to be broken up into nine (9!) parts. The YouTube playlist is embedded below or is here.

The slides from this presentation can be downloaded here.

An older version of this presentation was at a debate of the California Council of Rural Counties.  The YouTube playlist is below:

The playlist link is here:  RCRC Climate Debate (Skeptic’s Side)

Unfortunately, YouTube crushes the resolution so many of the charts are hard to read.  You can download the full resolution windows media version (about 96MB) as long as my bandwidth holds out by right-clicking and downloading form this link:  Download RCRC Climate Debate (wmv)

Also, you can stream higher resolution version of this film (and all my other climate films) at this site.  The resolution is not as good as the downloadable version but is much better than YouTube.  Again, bandwidth pending.

Finally, you can download the actual powerpoint presentation shown in this video here or you can view the presentation online here.

I have a couple of video shorts on the topic of positive feedback and climate models, a critical issue that separates nuisance from catastrophe in forecasts.

My “Don’t Panic” video, highlighting errors in climate forecasting models, comes in two versions.  The 9-minute version is here:

If you have the bandwidth, you can download a much higher quality version by right-clicking either of the links below:

I am not sure why the quicktime version is so porky.  In addition, the sound is not great in the quicktime version, so use the windows media wmv files if you can.  I will try to reprocess it tonight.  All of these files for download are much more readable than the YouTube version (memo to self:  use larger font next time!)

And the shorter, 3-minute version I edited for a short-video contest is here:

Finally, my original climate video, now superseded by these other videos but still roughly on point, is below:

Here is my original 60-minute climate video, in 6 parts, in a YouTube playlist

The individual parts at YouTube are:

Climate Video Part 1:  Introduction; how greenhouse gases work; historical climate reconstructions
Climate Video Part 2:  Historical reconstructions; problems with proxies
Climate Video part 3:  How much warming is due to man; measurement biases; natural cycles in climate
Climate Video Part 4:  Role of the sun; aerosols and cooling; climate sensitivity; checking forecasts against history
Climate Video Part 5:  Positive and negative feedback;  hurricanes.
Climate Video Part 6:  Melting ice and rising oceans; costs of CO2 abatement; conclusions.

You may download a 258MB full resolution Windows Media version of the film by right-clicking here.

You may download a 144MB full resolution Quicktime version of the film by right-clicking here.