For the Children

Jim Peden has a very funny comment to this post on Anthony Watts blog.  Since it is sometimes hard to find a comment in the middle of a long string, I will reproduce it here (I hope Jim does not mind).  I will also refer you to Jim’s web site, where he has a long and excellent summary of a number of the issues with global warming catastrophism.

The essential elements of an effective global panic consist of two parts:

First, one needs to identify a potential source of a world-wide catastrophe. Second, one needs to convince everyone that that actions of man are about to trigger that catastrophe. This is best illustrated by this following theoretical example:

It is well known that a “Super Volcano” lies under Yellowstone park. This volcano went undetected for many years, because its sheer size is so large it escaped notice when looking for something more familiar in size.

The consequences of another eruption of this monster can be fairly well predicted. First, it will simply blow away a fair-sized piece of Montana, and falling ash will bury cities for many miles beyond. The atmospheric ejecta will blanket a large portion of the earth, blocking out the sun and producing a “nuclear winter” for a significant portion of mankind. Crop failures and other effects of rapid cooling will lead to the death of untold billions of both human and animal inhabitants.

In fact, there are some significant geothermal and other indicators in Yellowstone that suggest this monster is again on the move. This has sparked at least one major television presentation discussing the potential for another eruption and the obvious catastrophe that would follow if it does. But this information in itself has not created much in the way of panic. Most citizens are resigned to the fact that mega-disasters, should they occur, can not be prevented by human action because they are part of the natural behavior of the planet and worrying excessively can not change anything. Don’t worry, be happy, we’re all in this together.

To turn the Yellowstone Super Volcano into a world-wide panic, we need a convincing piece of junk science as a trigger. Taking our cue from the “man-made CO2 is causing global warming” hoax, here’s one distinct possibility as far as Yellowstone is concerned:

Professor Wilfred Brimstone at the University of Mongolia has developed a model which clearly shows the buildup of human population on both the east and west coast of the United States is putting excessive pressure on both sides of the North American plate. The accumulation of vast amounts of additional weight in the form of people, buildings, automobiles, and other man-made items is creating such an excess of plate pressure at the edges, that magma is being forced laterally toward the center of the country, and in particular towards a weak crust zone in Montana centered at Yellowstone park. In the same manner as popping a pimple by squeezing from two opposing sides, the “coastal weight effect” is squeezing the magma beneath the crust and causing a rapid pressure buildup of the Yellowstone Super Volcano. Man’s greed to live near the ocean has tipped the balance of nature, and it is now only a matter of time until Yellowstone blows its top.

….. unless we take quick action to arrest and reverse this process.

It is critically important to immediately evacuate everyone from both coasts, and dismantle all heavy structures and begin transporting them to the center of the country, redistributing them evenly over a wide area until the overall plate pressure has been suitably equalized and the danger has passed. Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill which will impose a stiff tax on any item weighing more than six ounces in order to pay for the weight relocation. A new $100 million Center for Building Weight Studies is currently under construction in Santa Barbara.

If you do not want to be dislocated from your present home, former Vice President Al Gore has just formed a new company, Relocation Unlimited, in which you can invest in “weight offsets” and not have to move. For a price, Mr. Gore will arrange have an equivalent weight of ordinary dirt dug up and relocated instead of your own 3 bedroom ranch.

It is also of immediate importance that we educate our children in the nature of this pending disaster that their parents’ over-building has created. Children everywhere should quickly make costumes that resemble blocks of concrete and conduct ritualistic marches in the general direction of the central Midwest. This, combined with the waving of signs and the singing of Kumbaya will quickly spread the word throughout the public school system and draw the attention of the mainstream media which is also critical to this effort. Working together, we can all stem this rapidly looming disaster.

incidentally, you can purchase your STOP YELLOWSTONE NOW t-shirts by visiting our online store, and our book by the same name is available on A prime time television special is currently in production.

Did I get it right?

James A. Peden
Shoreham, Vermont on a chilly Sunday Morning

9 thoughts on “For the Children”

  1. That’s preposterous, I refuse to believe it.

    However, if someone can program a computer to confirm this crazy theory (preferably supplemented with cool animations, preferably showing the Yellowstone grizzlies being blown to smitherines), I’d be an ardent believer and prepared to sacrifice the US economy to stop it.

  2. This is great! Another example of how silly this whole global warming hoax hade become. Kudos for posting this and I’m going to link this page up on my blog as well – this is too funny to keep bottled up.

  3. the real trick will be to make the correct “adjustments” to the magma database to be sure we see a an unprecedented rise in pressure in recent times.

    fortunately, mr. mann has already developed the methodology…

  4. There is a 50/50 chance of this volcano or another major volcano blowing in your lifetime. I read the other day there is more than 90 percent chance of a major earthquake in California in the next 30 years. The future will be either hotter or colder or both. Nature Happens and we can only live with it.

  5. You people must be sick! You may think you are bravely laughing in the face of danger, but I just hope I am there to watch your faces when Yellowstone actually does blow! Foolish deniers. Who can save you now?

  6. don’t let volcano, grizzlies, magma, foolish deniers etc. distract you from excessive consumption, natural ecological limits, peak oil, higher food and fuel costs due to blind habit. gah

  7. Actually, Dr. Science on NPR revealed a few years ago that the true cause of tectonic plate movement was the accumulated weight of National Geographic magazines. Some of my physicist friends (also brought up in housholds where National Geographics were religiously saved) concur with this analysis.

  8. Interesting that you have posted a number of times about how reasonable the deniers really are, and of course no-one doubts that more CO2 will cause warming, it’s just the magnitude that you dispute. And yet here you promote an infantile rant that includes the statement Taking our cue from the “man-made CO2 is causing global warming” hoax….

    I really don’t think you know what you believe – all you seem sure of is that it’s some kind of damn commie plot.

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