More Ways to View My Climate Video

There has been a lot of interest in my new climate video.  Already we have nearly 450 1400 views at Google video and over 200 800 downloads of the video.  I am now releasing the video on DVD and through YouTube.

I have had several requests for a DVD version rather than an online version or file.  For a limited time, through December 31, 2007, I will send a DVD of my video What is Normal?  A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory to anyone who sends me a stamped self-addressed envelope.  The DVD plus a standard CD mailer weigh about 3.3 OZ, so you will need $1.31 postage in the US.  Send your request to "Climate Video, c/o Warren Meyer, 11811 N. Tatum Blvd #4095, Phoenix, AZ, 85253"

Also, in response to popular demand, I have release the video on YouTube.  YouTube requires that all videos be under 10 minutes, so I have broken the film into six parts.  If you want to just preview a portion, the second half of the fourth film and the first half of the fifth are probably the most critical.

A Youtube Playlist for the film is here.  This is a cool feature I have not used before, but will effectively let you run the parts end to end, making the 50-minute video more or less seamless. 

The individual parts are:

Climate Video Part 1:  Introduction; how greenhouse gases work; historical climate reconstructions
Climate Video Part 2:  Historical reconstructions; problems with proxies
Climate Video part 3:  How much warming is due to man; measurement biases; natural cycles in climate
Climate Video Part 4:  Role of the sun; aerosols and cooling; climate sensitivity; checking forecasts against history
Climate Video Part 5:  Positive and negative feedback;  hurricanes.
Climate Video Part 6:  Melting ice and rising oceans; costs of CO2 abatement; conclusions.

You may still stream the entire climate film from Google Video here. (the video will stutter between the 12 and 17 second marks, and then should run fine)

You may download a 258MB full resolution Windows Media version of the film by right-clicking here.

You may download a 144MB full resolution Quicktime version of the film by right-clicking here.

11 thoughts on “More Ways to View My Climate Video”

  1. nice documentary, congratulations! it did help me to clarify some aspects of the “global warming”.
    i also like your blog, keep the good work up!

  2. Warren

    Have you read “Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes” by MacDonald (editor at one time of Journal of Atmospheric Sciences) and Muller (involved with the invention of accelerator mass spectrometry). Strongly urge you to do so. Great graphs ( e.g. — fig 1.2 and 1.3 seem to be from this book — wonder how the GW crowd explain the “Rome” spike), honest positions (i.e. “What is the future? The truth is, we don’t know”) and lots of other gems.

  3. You seem to prop up your arguments about global warming on the assumption that taking action will cost too much money and will grant world governments too much power over small-business people such as yourself. It seems to me that someone who is a firm believer in the free-market and capitalism would see huge opportunity in all this. The list of products and services that will be needed in the 21st century as a response to global warming is virtually endless; new energies being developed, new solutions for making homes energy efficient, new modes of transportation, etc, etc. I would argue the possibilities are equally unlimited for the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in the face of this. There must be no end to the ways a clever person can make a buck off the global warming ballyhoo, weather or not the founding conclusions be true or false. Who cares. People and industries will want these products, they are demanding these products, so give it to them at a tidy profit. Why spend all your time and energy arguing against it when you could embrace it and make a killing? I just don’t get it.

  4. In response to the “I just don’t get it,” of the last post; some people prefer truth to profit. Hard to believe, I know, but there you have it.

  5. Man, you did that presentation very well.
    Thank you very much – it’s great!

    Oscar winner Al Gore just lost in the court! He wanted his film to be used as an educational aid, but judge said it contains too many lies (in short words).
    Well – big cash just passed by. And all that after so good work done by his socialist friends from Hollywood and Nobel Prize commission.

    It’s a pity, that we can only get current climate knowledge in english… The rest of the world is few steps behind.
    I’m planning to translate “The Great Global Warming Swindle” to polish, but it’s HUGE task… well – nobody did it yet. “What Is Normal?…” is even more HUGE amount of work 😮

    Socialists are responsible for millions of deaths already – now they want to use more elaborated tools to kill and impoverish billions. We don’t want to be among these billions!

  6. I would like to run your video on our local cable TV public acess channels and, hopefuly others around the country. To do this I need an explicit statement that you (the rights holder) approves.

    Would you be kind enough to respond by email so that we can discuss this and other distribution options.


  7. Some of the videos on YouTube are not showing, “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

    I’m not a YouTube expert, but maybe they needed to be re-uploaded to freshen them up?

    I’d linked to them and embedded them on my blog, but can’t for the rest. Just trying to help.

  8. I’m afraid it is in the hands of the Politicians now and the Science does not matter.

    Alternative energy sources (windmills,solar,bio-fuels) are tremendously subsidized and cannot compete in the free market.

    Nuclear Power at this point in time is the only practical solution as an alternative energy source. The Enviroimentalists have that stopped along with drilling for oil anywhere.

    The risks to damage to worrldwide economies is too great to set back and let the free market find alternative sources which will take decades to solve.

    By the time adequate sources were to be developed and perfected untold damage would occur in the poorer countries affecting the lives of billions of people, mostly children.

  9. Plastic in the land and ocean is a much greater problem that you people seem to ignore and care nothing about. take your free market and shove it. you have polluted the world and you dont deserve fairness or equal time. get your facts straight kid.

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