Climate Video Release!

My first climate movie, What is Normal?  A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory is now available for free download.  If you have the bandwidth, I encourage you to download the full 640×480 version as Windows Media Video, but be forewarned that the file is 258MB.  This is actually a pretty small file for a 50+ minute movie, and the full resolution version looks much nicer than the streaming version.

Right-Click Here to Download Climate Movie in Full Resolution

Update:  Right-Click here for full resolution 144MB .mov quicktime version of Climate Movie

Make sure you turn up your volume — I think I recorded this with a pretty low audio level.

If you are bandwidth-challenged, or you can’t view a .WMV file, you may stream the video from Google video or download a reduced resolution version here.  Unfortunately, to make the video stream effectively, the resolution is cut to 320×240, but having watched it, it actually still looks surprisingly good streamed. 

Note, on the streaming version, the video stutters between the 12 and 17 second marks in the movie, but runs fine after that.  By the way, thanks to all the commenters who gave me some good alternatives to using my own fairly week narration voice.  I decided for this first release I wanted to see what I could achieve with a pure solo effort.  Many thanks to Adobe Premier Elements, which made this effort possible.

Finally, you can stream the reduced resolution Google video version below:

5 thoughts on “Climate Video Release!”

  1. I am exceedingly impressed by your site and have a link to it on my own, The Daily Brute.

    I would be delighted were you to link back to me and more than a little flattered.

    Thought the video was excellent and just goes to show what can be done with intelligence and initiative and without a million dollar budget.

  2. The video very well put together – nice work. One correction: at 21:35 – Anthony’s last name is Watts and not Hall

  3. I have some comments about the video and I shall not be hampered by the irrefutable evidence that I am not an authority on any of this.

    First and foremost. There is nothing wrong with your speaking voice. Crank the gain up and let us hear it.

    You might in the early part be talking a little too fast. Nervousness does that.

    The opening segment “flashes” to much for my taste–slow the picture cycle rate down a bit.

    Good job.

  4. Outstanding work.

    Needs a cool soundtrack. Suggestions:

    Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
    Jacob’s Ladder (Rush)
    Something from Gustav Holst’s The Planets (“Venus, the Bringer of Peace and Greenhouse Effect”?)
    Other ideas?

    This should be available as a podcast, too. I’m technically unsophisticated enough not to know if that’s automatic if it’s in Quicktime format.

  5. Nice presentation. Flows well and easy to understand. Personally, I thinks it’s fine without a soundtrack. If you do go that route, however, choose carefully. Soundtracks can easily go cheesy.

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