HydroInfra: Scam! Investment Honeypot for Climate Alarmists

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I got an email today from some random Gmail account asking me to write about HyrdoInfra.  OK.  The email begins: “HydroInfra Technologies (HIT) is a Stockholm based clean tech company that has developed an innovative approach to neutralizing carbon fuel emissions from power plants and other polluting industries that burn fossil fuels.”

Does it eliminate CO2?  NOx?  Particulates?  SOx?  I actually was at the bottom of my inbox for once so I went to the site.  I went to this applications page.  Apparently, it eliminates the “toxic cocktail” of pollutants that include all the ones I mentioned plus mercury and heavy metals.  Wow!  That is some stuff.

Their key product is a process for making something they call “HyrdroAtomic Nano Gas” or HNG.  It sounds like their PR guys got Michael Crichton and JJ Abrams drunk in a brainstorming session for pseudo-scientific names.

But hold on, this is the best part.  Check out the description of HNG and how it is made:

Splitting water (H20) is a known science. But the energy costs to perform splitting outweigh the energy created from hydrogen when the Hydrogen is split from the water molecule H2O.

This is where mainstream science usually closes the book on the subject.

We took a different approach by postulating that we could split water in an energy efficient way to extract a high yield of Hydrogen at very low cost.

A specific low energy pulse is put into water. The water molecules line up in a certain structure and are split from the Hydrogen molecules.

The result is HNG.

HNG is packed with ‘Exotic Hydrogen’

Exotic Hydrogen is a recent scientific discovery.

HNG carries an abundance of Exotic Hydrogen and Oxygen.

On a Molecular level, HNG is a specific ratio mix of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The unique qualities of HNG show that the placement of its’ charged electrons turns HNG into an abundant source of exotic Hydrogen.

HNG displays some very different properties from normal hydrogen.

Some basic facts:

  • HNG instantly neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions
  • HNG can be pressurized up to 2 bars.
  • HNG combusts at a rate of 9000 meters per second while normal Hydrogen combusts at a rate 600 meters per second.
  • Oxygen values actually increase when HNG is inserted into a diesel flame.
  • HNG acts like a vortex on fossil fuel emissions causing the flame to be pulled into the center thus concentrating the heat and combustion properties.
  • HNG is stored in canisters, arrayed around the emission outlet channels. HNG is injected into the outlets to safely & effectively clean up the burning of fossil fuels.
  • The pollution emissions are neutralized instantly & safely with no residual toxic cocktail or chemicals to manage after the HNG burning process is initiated.

Exotic Hyrdrogen!  I love it.  This is probably a component of the “red matter” in the Abrams Star Trek reboot.  Honestly, someone please tell me this a joke, a honeypot for mindless environmental activist drones.    What are the chemical reactions going on here?  If CO2 is captured, what form does it take?  How does a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in whatever state they are in do anything with heavy metals?  None of this is on the website.   On their “validation” page, they have big labels like “Horiba” that look like organizations thave somehow put their impremature on the study.  In fact, they are just names of analytical equipment makers.  It’s like putting “IBM” in big print on your climate study because you ran your model on an IBM computer.

SCAM!  Honestly, when you see an article written to attract investment that sounds sort of impressive to laymen but makes absolutely no sense to anyone who knows the smallest about of Chemistry or Physics, it is an investment scam.

But they seem to get a lot of positive press.  In my search of Google, everything in the first ten pages or so are just uncritical republication of their press releases in environmental and business blogs.   You actually have to go into the comments sections of these articles to find anyone willing to observe this is all total BS.   If you want to totally understand why the global warming debate gets nowhere, watch commenter Michael at this link desperately try to hold onto his faith in HydroInfra while people who actually know things try to explain why this makes no sens

12 thoughts on “HydroInfra: Scam! Investment Honeypot for Climate Alarmists”

  1. A scam really, clearly you think that you must know better so it cant be true right? Have you watched videos of their technology in action. Are you aware they are in talks with multiple governments on multiple continents? What an absolute ignorant arrogant article you have posted. They have a international verification company testing their tech, but still this wont be enough for you will it, because you think you are the expert. What arrogance! Tell me, do you think they would be demonstrating their tech at multiple international symposiums if their tech didn’t work? Some people are just unbelievable.

  2. Dear cd
    I am only a lowly mining engineer, with a puny maths Phd.
    If you can’t see that this is pure scam, nothing an save you.

  3. And i suppose you are just going to ignore the fact that they are preparing for a listing on the stock exchange, how many scams do that. I dont doubt you have the credentials you say you do, your arrogance and know-it-all attitude is deafening, and something i would expect from someone who considers themselves an expert without doing any due dilligence whatsoever. Their tech has been demonstrated in front of a live audience, multiple times and invite anyone to go see it for themselves, but still thats not enough for a Maths doctorate, maybe i do doubt your credentials.

  4. Total scam! Lines up water molecules to split off the Hydrogen? Should be: Lines up investors to split off their money.
    Water is not a secret chemical. It’s well understood. I’m a physicist (retired) and I know how much energy it takes to split off hydrogen from water, and also that there is no such thing as special hydrogen. Hydrogen is hydrogen, no mater how you get it.

  5. If your such an expert, how do you propose they are doing it then? The tech is very real, have you even bothered to go through the videos of them demonstrating this, have you even bothered to contact them, or read the news articles or maybe you already know for sure, that this cant be real because you didnt think of it. Have you wondered how they can take part in subsequent World Green Energy Symposiums if infact, as you say, this is a scam? The arrogance amongst so called intellectuals is astounding, you all think you know everything there is to know about a subject and stop there, closed book. I think this quote is rather apt for this blog…
    ”New and stirring things are belittled because if they are not belittled,
    the humiliating question arises, ‘Why then are you not taking part in
    them?’ ” – H. G. Wells

  6. Yes it is a scam- because one of the top CEO in US John Sheptor is overseeing business promotion in Europe.

    Yes it is a scam- because it is hosting UN supported international environmental events like World Green Energy Symposiums, IPCC etc.

    Yes it is a scam- because it is going to organise awareness workshops across the globe with UN

    Yes it is a scam- because Obama himself visited Sweden to see it and had a discussion with the team

    Yes it is a scam- because research is based on physical chemistry and mech. engg. and not on mining engineering or maths

    Yes it is a scam- because NASA, Google, Apple, HP etc also showed interest in this innovation

    Yes it is a scam- because govts. of US, Egypt, China, India, Poland, Chilie have either signed agreement for the installation or in the process.

    Yes it is a scam- because despite doing PG in Mech. Engineering, I got associated with it right from its R&D phase for over last 7-8 years

    Oh I forgot…I should have done some more due dilligence on this issue.

  7. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Some people just don’t have the capacity to believe in revolutionary developments because they overlooked it themselves. Its arrogance plain and simple.

  8. I have seen a number of places where various magical properties of Hydrogen are being sold to suckers. They all claim NASA or DARPA money and investors and customers, and yet this has been going on since cold fusion started, and no impact on society. The explanation: “they” are suppressing it.


  9. Your spelling is atrocious ie: HyrdroAtomic……no sens….Exotic Hyrdrogen! I love it…….. How on earth can anyone take you seriously when you keep making simple spelling mistakes that a child would make

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