5 thoughts on “When Blowing Up Kids Seems Like a Good Idea”

  1. The short video is nothing more than a graphic depiction of the well worn statement, “The debate is over”. I hope everyone gets it now.

  2. We have been tolerating escalating threats from eco-extremists for years.
    This ad is simply the latest and most extreme.
    Think of the TV show devoted to pirates harassing lawful shipping in the open
    to get an idea of how far eco-criminals have gone in numbing us to their pathological behavior.

  3. No, this is not related to this article, but I’d like to see you talk about Hal Lewis’s resignation in disgust from APS over what he refers to as the global warming scam. The warmers are trying to pretend this doesn’t really mean anything, but I think it’s pretty significant. I wish one of the major media sources would talk about it. (Fat chance, I suppose.)

  4. Miro Novak:

    I’ve taken the time to watch your 7 minute video, and am only commenting to possibly help other readers avoid a similar misfortune.

    Your “theory” is lacking in both research and reasoning. It is a fanciful concoction of physical misunderstandings, unprecedented events, alarmist exaggerations, and outright impossibilities.

    Had your video been shorter, perhaps 2 minutes or less, one could have made a case that it possessed at least some comedic value. Unfortunately the video drags on far too long, with the viewer hopeful that by its conclusion your random collection of tidbits might somehow converge to a coherent, intelligent point. Alas, they do not. It was something like “Waiting for Godot”, minus the wit and irony, but with absurdity intact.

    If you do wish to continue drawing attention to such work, I would advise adopting a pseudonym, so as to avoid damage to your personal or professional reputation.

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