Winning Video

My 3-minute climate video won second place in the Kids and Globaloney contest

The results surprise me a bit.  I found the 3-minute limit almost impossible to make work in the video contest, and thought my video, which I include below, was rushed.

A better version is the 9-minute version here which covers the same subjects but with a bit more leisure and explanation.  This video, however, is a bit dated.  As I write in the YouTube comments, I want to take a better shot at explaining the issues around positive feedback.  I think I can fix it with just a rewrite of the narration.  That longer video is here and below.

My really long video, 60-minutes in 6 parts, is here.

3 thoughts on “Winning Video”

    NASA Finds Polluted Clouds Hold Less Moisture And Cool Earth Less
    ScienceDaily (Jan. 6, 2005) — A NASA study found some clouds that form on tiny haze particles are not cooling the Earth as much as previously thought. These findings have implications for the ability to predict changes in climate.

    What I get from this article is human caused aerosols aren’t cooling the planet. So much for aerosol masking feedbacks.

  2. In your 3 minute video, instead of closing with a reprize of the “don’t panic”, I would ask the question “Don’t you feel better now?”

  3. That was an excellent 3 minute take down of the IPCC predictions, which they are now denying are predictions (because they’re wrong?). You deserve the prize.

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