Cost of CO2 Reductions

In this terrific little 7-minute video, Steven Hayward helps us understand just what a drastic task it will be to cut CO2 emisions by 80% in fifty years (the target advocated by many catastrophists and adopted by both Democratic candidates).  I don’t think hanging out the laundry is going to be quite enough.  He makes the same point I made a while back, that this target implies a per capita CO2 emission level this country last experienced in 1875, and one that can only be found in the dirt poorest countries of the world.  (HT:  Tom Nelson)

3 thoughts on “Cost of CO2 Reductions”

  1. I’d be interested in what ‘Scientist’ has to say about this. Even if he is correct in his argument, why should I care enough to pay with money and freedom?

  2. A) Scientist isn’t one,

    B) that idiot knows zero economics, and

    C) who cares what stupid people think?

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