CO2 Suffocating the Environmental Movement

Bird Dog has a good post that follows up from mine on the CO2 obsession sucking the life out of more pressing environmental issues that are more amenable to being fixed.

3 thoughts on “CO2 Suffocating the Environmental Movement”

  1. The different environmental groups are known more for what they stand against than what they stand for. I remember when many of them started, most had noble ideals. Now its just anti-everything, approaching anti-human.

  2. they also seemed like they used to do things, like raise money and buy land so that it could be donated to the national park system or put into a preserve.

    some, like the nature conservancy, still do but far too many now they seem focused on raising money to pay for raising money and calling it “public education”.

  3. Two problems that come immediately to mind are agriculture in Florida, and in California. I saw on R.A. Pielke Sr’s site how much of Florida has been changed to farmland over the last century. Replacing swamps with farmland would have a noticeable effect on rainfall patterns regardless of any changes in CO2.

    California is naturally a desert, where water is a scarce commodity and should be treated as such. When I was driving to southern California down I-5 last summer, I noticed plenty of irrigated cotton fields. Growing cotton in a desert is just plain nuts!- A. McIntire

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